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    3 Dreams and A Lucid - Success with Calms Forte and WILD

    by , 04-23-2012 at 11:50 PM (710 Views)
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    Last night I dreamt that me and my brother went to a singing contest, to where there was only one competitor other than us two. Strangely, all of the people who were to audition were children, and I was the only grown man at the competition. I wasn't sure of what song to sing, and I was like "Why the hell am I auditioning for a singing competition? I such at singing!" My father and the host of the competition told me to go join the other competitior and think about my performance... I began thinking of what songs required a deep singing voice, as I was least likely to fail at singing in a deeper tone. I was contemplating Richard Cheese songs, but I couldn't for the life of me get the lyrics right. Later on, we were all in the Gymnasium, and there were a bunch of kids sitting around a long "Slip-N-Slide" type of structure, which apparently was used as a table. At the other end was a female figure in a throne, and I was at the opposite end of her, laying on my side because fuck indian style sitting. I'm a grown ass man I'll sit how I want. I remember replying to a statement she said with a joke and she replied with "What is the meaning of this?" to which one of the children responded "He's a funny guy!"... I'm like... what the hell is this, why am I the only grown man in a childrens singing competition? Anyway... That's when that dream ended.

    Before that I dreamt that I was in my high school physics class, sitting at the back of the room hanging with the other students, when suddenly I sustained an eye injury. I don't know what caused it, but it bled a lot. There was a crease in my pupil, and strange bruising on my top eyelid. I went to the locker room to look at the injury in the mirror, but I gought caught up with something. I was in my underwear and a t-shirt when a random adult female came in to ask me questions. For some reason, I decided to try to change my underwear in mid conversation. She continued to talk to me as usual. I become aggravated with the fact that I couldn't find another pair of underwear. So I started trying to steal other students' underwear. They were all so small that they would only cover one leg. I eventually just put my original pair on.

    When that was over, or rather, when dream #1 was over, I spawned in the middle of a body of water, and I was playing with a model ship, discussing with my mother the science of ship. We appeared to be in Greece, in a river of some sort with thick green jungle surrounding it. We were swimming upstream, we passed a small boat, but the stream was too strong to make use of it. After a whuile of travelling, I complained of being tired, to which my mom replied by kicking some river rock into the shape of a bench. Suddenly, the bench turned into a gross and moldy couch, to which I commented on as my mom plopped down in the couch and kicked back. She told me some storied about her life in greece and that we were close to camp. I looked on the couch to find a "Classy Porn" fashion magazine. It advertised clothing by showing the beauty of the human body.
    Before I went to bed, I studied Yoshi's WILD Technique, and took one pill "Calms Forte". The calms forte drastically helped me stay still and clear my mind (ADHD usually makes this VERY difficult for me). While falling asleep, I started to go into SP, but I heard a weird sound and started to feel very scared, so I woke myself up and tried again. (I honestly think all of the reports of bad experiences with SP cause a placebo effect for me). This was my first experience with WILD. I experienced vivid visions and imaginations, heard voices, etc... Very interesting stuff. I can't give you a vivid lucid dream report... But I do recall that at some point during the night I realized that I was dreaming... There was a rush of emotion... of thought.... And then I was no longer in a lucid dream state.

    However, I call this a success as I had extremely high dream recall and achieved lucidity - this is something I rarely have.

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    1. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      Congratz on the WILD and keep at it! I know it can be difficult, but over time you gradually should get better at it. And its awesome once you get used to the scariness of it all. Because then you just play around with it, even though it feels so real.