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    The Arctic Battlefield

    by , 08-06-2012 at 08:58 PM (294 Views)
    I was living on a planet that had two dominant races. One was more dominant than the other, however. We'll go with the Ascarabs and the Gorlons, just for the sake of naming. The Ascarabs were a working class race, who had technology and intelligence, but they were always overpowered by the Gorlons, who had an extreme amount of power, high technology, organization, and wealth. There came a time in the dream when the Ascarabs and the Gorlons had begun a war.

    The Gorlons had declared that the war would be fought on the Arctic continent of the south, that anyone who wished to fight is to prepare, and they will be teleported to the southern continent. Though many of the Ascarabs knew that this was a Gorlon plan to relocate the military forces of their people, as to make them defenseless... Thousands of Ascarabs went to the continent, and millions followed.

    Upon arriving, Ascarabs were kept imprisoned in transport boxes, while the Gorlon's constructed a mighty fort by the water side. When the Gorlons finished their fort, they scattered the Ascarabs all throughout the continent. The Gorlons then announced that supplies of all types could be found scatted throughout the continent.

    It was obviouslty some sort of game. The Gorlons had created a battlefield scenario in which nobody could escape, and it was seemingly impossible to win. They roamed the continent, slaughtering helpless Ascarabs, and continued to advertise to Ascarabs in the mainland that they could "Join the fight for independence"

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