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    The New House | Houston

    by , 07-16-2012 at 12:24 AM (363 Views)
    Last night, I was moving into a small house with my friends SH, and my Father. The house was small, with three full size rooms and a shed. The center room of the house was covered in boards with holes and hooks - and tools were hanging in them. It functioned as a garage and general room, while the two side rooms both operated as bedrooms. We had set up the furniture in my room, and we were cristening the house by smoking weed. My previously disowned friend TC was over at the house by SH's request. I very much disagreed but I would let it happen this time and discuss it when TC left.

    I took a break and walked to a jewelry store, to make an arrangement for SH to buy a ring for his girlfriend, and the lady agreed to give it to me for payment later. When she gives me some random decorative piece for like $300... I explain to her that I wanted a ring. She tells me "No Refunds".
    I complain that I haven't even left the store yet, and that I didn't even get what I wanted. I eventually told her that I was just gonna take it and not pay for it. She flipped out. Then I said... "I'll give it back, but you aren't charging me a dime". She agreed - and I made it out with my life.

    DRAFT ....

    I came back to the house

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