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    The Raft

    by , 04-27-2012 at 09:01 AM (354 Views)
    I was with my friend VC, and he and I had built a raft. There were various items on the raft. Three of which were a part of the raft itself. The bench, the food chest, and the stove. The stove, I recall, was a bit loose. I spoke with my friend about departing. He asked me which of the two streams ahead we should take. I replied that I wasn't sure, as they both had fast-water that would possobly overturn the raft. I must have made some sort of mistake, because the raft became unanchored and we began to depart before we had a plan. I grabbed hold of the raft and hoped for the best, when suddenly we collided with a wooden post, capsizing our raft. I was thrown off of the boat, as was my friend. I waltched him float away underwater when he was simply YANKED into a high-flow water current. Shortly after he entered the current, I was sucked into it too. I slammed into a wall, and managed to come up and take a breath just before being sucked off in the other direction (The current drug us through a tunnel made of bricks, that took us about 50 yards in one direction, and then took a 90 degree left turn and sent us another 50 yards). We finally washed up on a loading ramp. My friend was waiting in a line for something, and so was a female character. I was laying on the ground, recuperating from this very strange event. While I was laying there, I sparked conversation with the girl who was waiting in line. After conversation had ended, she talked to another female figure, whispering "Do you think he likes me?".

    Some time passed. I approached the girl, and I thought "I need to ask her for her number". But I didn't have my phone or paper and pencil. So I simply recited my own phone number to her.

    Scen changes slightly this is now a weak dream and very unstable... I'm swimming toward the building with the ramp. Having a conversation with my stepmother in my head, as she's not there... And I'm asking her what the building is. She says it's some sort of veterinary facility... I notice the building doesn't have a ramp anymore, but a door.

    I awaken.

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    Tags: raft, river