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    1. The Haunted Cirque | The Civil Revolutionary War

      by , 07-24-2013 at 07:30 PM (Dream Trek)
      The Haunted Cirque -

      The story begins, I'm in a massive theatre, watching a performance by a contemporary circus. The only performance I remember is the floating head trick, sort of like the one used by the wizard Oz. I was sitting at the top row of seating, and the head came extremely close to me and the guy next to me. It scared the living shit out of him, and me as well, but I was able to conceal my fear.

      Pan over to another scene at the circus -- Something happened that involved a large amount of a sort of ... thick white paste -- sort of like marshmallow creme. The event had ended, leaving the entire theatre littered with the stuff. I was attempting to get to the top of the theatre, so I took the "stairs", which were actually an Escalator -- I remember nobody was standing up, we were all rolling around, trying to get unstuck from the sticky shit. I remember making a comment about the painful nature of this experience, which gathered agreement from the rest of the audience.

      Pan over to another scene at the circus -- this is where it becomes more of a nightmare -- I was seated towards the bottom of the theatre, across from a very attractive woman. She was showing interest in me, but I was certain it was impossible - she was out of my league! So I got up and began to walk away. I looked over my shoulder, and the woman seemed to be following me. I started to walk faster, and when turned the next corner, she was right in front of me. It scared the living shit out me, because it was impossible for her have passed me up in that amount of time. I asked her if she had a twin, etcetera, but she did not speak. Just looked at me.

      Pan over to another scene at the circus - this one is faded, but essentially the same thing happens again, this time with another girl. She's following me and then pulls a Jason Vorhees on my ass and pops up in front of me. At this point I'm losing my fucking mind. Pan to the next scene - I was on the floor in a mess, with several people around me attempting to help, and I seemed to be going crazy, losing my sanity completely.


      The civil revolutionary war.

      -- I was involved in a war which seemed to be between the british redcoats and the confederates -- I was freaked out, so I hid under a tree in a hole... The hole was filled with branches and rocks... It wasn't my war so I had no intention of fighting it. A little time passes, and one of the armies is moving from a direction where they might see me, so I crawl deeper into the brush. I start to worry about whether or not I will suffocate in this. I fall asleep.

      Pan to the next scene - I wake up, and crawl out of the brush. I find that I'm in the back of a truck.. Not sure why they bothered to throw the entire landscape of where I was hiding in a truck, but they did. I quickly found out that this was a british convoy (with a WW2 era truck). I jump out and pretend I was fishing. Then I offer the queen a shirt.
    2. The Odd Job

      by , 07-06-2013 at 12:52 AM (Dream Trek)
      This dream begins with me working for an eccentric rich lady -- She wasn't wall-street rich, but she was certainly very well off. I could tell she worked for herself, and was very successful in doing so. However, she wasn't rich enough to leave my town, so she was still at some level of "Upper-middle" or "lower-upper" class.

      She hired me to run an errand and house-sit for her while she went on a business trip for the evening. The dream starts with me in her house, and I don't remember much of this part of the dream, until the part where she asks me to go fetch her "45". She said it was in the nightstand of her bed. I went, and I found two Springfield XD pistols. One of them a .45, the other a 9mm. I checked the pistols for safety, to find that they each had one bullet loaded in their magazines, but nothing in the chamber. I was worried about why she would ask me to fetch her pistol, so I took the bullet out of the .45's magazine, completely unloading it. I put the bullet in my pocket. My idea was that I was afraid she was going to shoot me as soon as I gave her the gun, so I unloaded it, assuming that if she tried to shoot me she would fail and I could leave. Realistically, If I truly didn't trust her at this level, I should have unloaded the .45, and COCKED the 9mm, and then strapping myself as to be the only one armed in the situation. But yeah, I just unloaded her pistol and brought it to her.

      She sent me to the store to buy ammo, and I left. There are no stores which sell ammo in my town, but in this dream there was. I left on foot with her gun in my pocket, and an awkward silencer which actually looked more like a collapsible antenna for a radio. Throughout my trip, I tried to jog, but I was simply too exhausted and I was forced to walk the entire way. To add to my struggles, I had to keep the silencer from breaking, because it was flimsy as all hell. I felt awkward as all kinds of people saw me walking around with a gun hanging out of my pocket and a silencer in my hand, and I had to muscle my way through a crowd just to GTFO before the police came.

      I finally got back to this chick's house, and I gave her the newly loaded gun. She put it in an ankle holster, and then asked me for the silencer. I gave her the silencer, but as I handed it to her I noticed that the middle piece was bent and broken... It was just about to snap in half. When she took the silencer, she pulled some ninja nun-chuck move with it, and it snapped right in half. Thank god, right? As far as she was concerned, SHE just broke the silencer. So ... phew.

      I was just about to leave when she interrupted me, -- that I had to housesit until she returned. I asked her when, and she got offended. I suppose I am to simply sit around until god knows when and this bitch comes home. What am I, a fucking 14 year old? For 50 dollars , which I have basically already earned, I am to continue to sit around for an INDEFINITE amount of time? This is how rich people get rich I suppose, fucking over the less fortunate... She explained that there was Spaghetti, and opened up a Spaghetti book, which was basically just noodles arranged in a funny way in a 3 ring binder.

      As I was contemplating my escape, I woke up. Thank god. LOL
    3. The Plane Crash

      by , 06-30-2013 at 08:49 PM (Dream Trek)
      I was sitting on my front porch, smoking a cigarette. I couldn't imagine anything strange would happen at this point in time, especially at this place, out here in rural Texas. But little did I know that something extremely intense was just over the horizon.

      I heard the roaring screech of a jet engine, and then I looked up to see a 747 just above my town -- the airplane was so close I could see all of the windows and read the text on the plane in detail. I could tell that the plane was stalled -- the nose was up way too high, and the plane seemed to be sinking through the air...

      I ran off of the porch to stand in the driveway and watch the plane fly by -- And I looked on in shock as the plane crashed into the cornfield behind my house -- less than 500 yards away, a huge fiery explosion was taking place... I looked in awe for about 5 seconds, when I was forced to take cover behind my house because shards of fiery debris were landing all over the place, burning my skin and setting small fires...

      I thought to myself, this disaster isn't over. It's the end of June in Texas - everything is dry as fuck and this plane just set a grass fire in the field behind us. At this point I turned on the news and watched to see what the situation was, only to find out I knew more about the situation than they did -- This whole god damned town is on fire, and if I want to make it out of here with my life, I needed to leave now...

      And then I woke up.

      This dream is similar to many others, in that it follows the trend of "Car Crash". I have a feeling I'm going to have more plane crash dreams now that I've begun flight simulation"
    4. Lost dream -- what was salvaged of memory.

      by , 06-16-2013 at 03:38 PM (Dream Trek)
      I remember having a dream and then falling back to sleep and forgetting it. Unfortunate. However, I was able to gather two dream fragments last night.

      #1 - Indecisive Potential Lover
      I was at the gas station, and I met a nice girl and asked her if she wanted to hang out. She agreed to hang out with me. The scene cuts to my house -- I'm at my house with my family and her family, and we're making conversation. She gave me her phone number, her fax number, and her home address -- which was odd for her to do, because up until this point her body language would indicate she was entirely not interested in me. But even though it seemed as though she wasn't interested, her words and actions indicated that she *was*. I wasn't going to give up on her yet -- she was gorgeous! Way too gorgeous to be interested in me.

      I believe that in this dream, I am torn between the desire to find a significant other and my low self-image. It says a lot about my hopeless romanticism.

      #2 "In the Gheeeetooo"
      I'm driving a truck through a ghetto, which at the bottom of a valley. For the bottom of a valley, this is a pretty barren wasteland. It resembles a trailer park in the desert -- with houses spaced out without any rhyme or reasoning to their positions, and roads existing only because cars had traveled over them -- not because any government paved them. I remember thinking "This place is a crime haven -- the valley hides its position so nobody will detect us." I thought. We turned a corner and spotted a burning building. I called for the man who lived there, who I somehow knew. He was hiding in a giant pile of ice and snow of unknown origin. I yelled to him "Get in the truck before you get sick!" -- he got in, and we drove off.
      I don't know where I got the idea for the location, except that there is a ghetto in my town called "The Valley", which exists at the lowest point in the town. It's hot and Texas climate, but not a desert.
    5. A Sticky Situation... First documented dream since return

      by , 06-14-2013 at 12:16 AM (Dream Trek)
      I, and a band of friends, set out to explore a house. The mood was cautious - we were definitely trespassing. Thankfully, the house belonged to people we knew, which left open the possibility of effectively talking the situation down should we have been caught. Or, at least, that was the idea.

      My friends and I began rolling up some weed, and as we waited for the smoking to commence. During this time, I unveiled a solid black M1911 pistol, which was fitted with a suppressor and a laser sight. Essentially a matte black version of the silverballer from Hitman. Once we were ready to smoke, we went outside and began to place eggs and shoot at them.

      While we were shooting, a car pulled up to the house. It was the residents. We explained that we had just arrived and retrieved our "Airsoft Gun" which was left in the yard. One of the residents in the car was excited and asked to see it. We let him see it, and he took the silencer off and shot it.

      Someone heard the shot, and called 911. Strangely, a fire truck arrived first.l I was getting worried. Along with posessing marijuana, we also were in posession of an unlicensed silenced firearm, which, if not a felony by itself, would be a felony when combined with the weed. For some reason, I was still concerned about getting rid of the weed (natural stoner instinct)... I tossed that shit over the fence, but that only created suspicion.

      At this point my goal was to convince the people in the car to not reveal that we had a gun, and that we should just let the cops come and go. But I slowly became more and more worried, until the combination of my worry eventually woke me up.

      Notes on Dream
      This was the second dream in which I, along with friends, break into someone's house and do drugs there. (In one dream I was up doing coke in some random person's house).

      This is not something I do in real life, lol.
    6. The Arctic Battlefield

      by , 08-06-2012 at 08:58 PM (Dream Trek)
      I was living on a planet that had two dominant races. One was more dominant than the other, however. We'll go with the Ascarabs and the Gorlons, just for the sake of naming. The Ascarabs were a working class race, who had technology and intelligence, but they were always overpowered by the Gorlons, who had an extreme amount of power, high technology, organization, and wealth. There came a time in the dream when the Ascarabs and the Gorlons had begun a war.

      The Gorlons had declared that the war would be fought on the Arctic continent of the south, that anyone who wished to fight is to prepare, and they will be teleported to the southern continent. Though many of the Ascarabs knew that this was a Gorlon plan to relocate the military forces of their people, as to make them defenseless... Thousands of Ascarabs went to the continent, and millions followed.

      Upon arriving, Ascarabs were kept imprisoned in transport boxes, while the Gorlon's constructed a mighty fort by the water side. When the Gorlons finished their fort, they scattered the Ascarabs all throughout the continent. The Gorlons then announced that supplies of all types could be found scatted throughout the continent.

      It was obviouslty some sort of game. The Gorlons had created a battlefield scenario in which nobody could escape, and it was seemingly impossible to win. They roamed the continent, slaughtering helpless Ascarabs, and continued to advertise to Ascarabs in the mainland that they could "Join the fight for independence"
    7. Battlefield, Road Trip

      by , 07-24-2012 at 02:35 PM (Dream Trek)
      These are dreams from recently that I have just recalled...

      First dream, I am in an apartment complex somewhere in the middle east, and there is battle all around us. I'm armed with an assault rifle and I'm with 2 or 3 other men who are also armed. We are hiding in the outside stairwells of the apartment building while helicopters patrol the city and other soldiers engage in firefights all around us. Our goal is to hide somewhere while the fighting dies down, because our side is losing.
      I don't know how I got there, but I didn't know I was dreaming, so I was freaking out for my life... We were hiding in the shadows, when a helicopter pulled up around the other side of the building... I could have sworn that it saw us... But apparently it did not. So me and the other men ran downstairs and busted into a room in the building on the bottom floor. It appeared to be a small school house, with a teacher and a bunch of students of various ages. There were about 4 book shelves in the room, with old books. It was obviously a very poor school house. There were windows lining both of the outside walls(the building was on the bottom floor, on the corner).

      I was thinking to myself: How do they live like this... Knowing that any day bullets could come flying through the windows, they could be bombed... Whatever... What a scary way to live... All I wanted was to get the hell out of this wretched place... It was plagued with war - gunshots were always heard in the background, and you never want to go outside for fear that you'd walk into the middle of a fire fight.

      Road Trip:

      I was riding down a high way with my dad, and I remember two sights that were pretty bad-ass. The first was a dirt road that seemed to connect two highways together... What was so peculiar about it was that the entire area was totally flat. except for this dirt road, which was EXTREMELY high... Like 150 yards tall, and so steep it seemed it would be impossible to drive down it, let alone UP it.

      The second sight was a bad-ass futuristic hotel that consisted of dozens of tall and skinny towers, with a series of balcony/staircases on it. As soon as my dad saw them, he turned the truck around and we went to stay there. Then I woke up
    8. Am I a Murderer?

      by , 07-23-2012 at 11:42 PM (Dream Trek)
      Fragment 1:
      I'm suffering from a headache. Likely due to the hangover I was experiencing while being asleep. I went to a dollar general that was part of a strip mall shaped like an L to pick up some ibuprofen. The lights were out, so I assumed it was closed, but a customer came out and told me to hurry because the clerk is still checking people out. I ran in and grabbed some ibuprofen. The ibuprofen was packaged in a strange container - a purple, plastic, circular box, with a lever on the side. When you pulled the lever on the side, an ibuprofen comes out. There were 110 ibuprofens in the box. The clerk was an old co-worker of mine, who let me have the ibuprofen for free.
      I left, and sat down in a chair in the parking lot, and chatted with my friend.

      Dream 1:
      I was in a house, playing the role of the oldest son in a family that was not my family. I went into the kitchen, where I discovered that the entire room was covered in blood, and there was a bloody knife with flesh on it. All together it was a gruesome scene. For some reason I felt as though I was the one responsible for this. I had the hunch that I had killed my "Mother" and my "Brother" After a few moments of freaking out about what was going on, my "Father" and my toddler-aged "Sister" arrived at the house. I told my "Father" about it. He told my little sister to go away while he and I went into the kitchen. I explained the situation to him. When I did, he explained to me that I was lying, because his son is not as old as I am, therefore everything I said falls apart.

      Fragment 2:
      I spawned in my back yard, around the back of our large shed/small barn, messing with the lawn tractor, when I hear a barking sound coming from the other side of the shed - And I walk over to investigate. Since our house has nothing behind it but a large field. It's not unlikely that coyotes wander around our area. Hell, I've seen a damn mountain lion right there behind our house. When I walk around to investigate, the dog sees me. And I make a growling sound to scare it away, but it doesn't work. The dog charges me and throws me to the ground. I find myself struggling with a very large and very strong dog. Definitely not a coyote, but a big ass dog(Worse that a pussyshit coyote). In the midst of the struggle, I wake up.
      The Red Dot Indicates me, The Blue Dot Indicates the coyote.

      Dream 2:
      I was in a wal-mart. I walked to the back of the store with my cousin, and walked through the "employees only" section. I found the most ridiculously awesome thing ever. There was a slope with big hills, and jumps. And people were all riding their bikes up and down the slope. It was a sort of stair-case, but it was extensive - basically a small motocross track made of carpet. We rode around for hours, until I met some dude, who had some black-and-milds infused with marijuana that he wanted to smoke with me. We were just fixin to leave when my fucking parents got there and said they were done shopping. Gay... So the dude just gave me one of his black and milds, and I departed with my family. I walked outside of the room, which had changed from the inside of walmart to a porch and board-walk that was at least 100 yards above the ground. I grabbed my boots and put on my socks, but pulled like 15 pairs of socks out of my boots. "What the fuck people? My boots are not a box" I yelled. Some girl tried to talk to me, so I had to pull out a HUGE chunk of chewing tobacco out of my mouth so I could reply... She was like "EWWW GROSS". Lol. I don't remember putting it in lol.
    9. The New House | Houston

      by , 07-16-2012 at 12:24 AM (Dream Trek)
      Last night, I was moving into a small house with my friends SH, and my Father. The house was small, with three full size rooms and a shed. The center room of the house was covered in boards with holes and hooks - and tools were hanging in them. It functioned as a garage and general room, while the two side rooms both operated as bedrooms. We had set up the furniture in my room, and we were cristening the house by smoking weed. My previously disowned friend TC was over at the house by SH's request. I very much disagreed but I would let it happen this time and discuss it when TC left.

      I took a break and walked to a jewelry store, to make an arrangement for SH to buy a ring for his girlfriend, and the lady agreed to give it to me for payment later. When she gives me some random decorative piece for like $300... I explain to her that I wanted a ring. She tells me "No Refunds".
      I complain that I haven't even left the store yet, and that I didn't even get what I wanted. I eventually told her that I was just gonna take it and not pay for it. She flipped out. Then I said... "I'll give it back, but you aren't charging me a dime". She agreed - and I made it out with my life.

      DRAFT ....

      I came back to the house
    10. Lucid Dream :D

      by , 07-10-2012 at 10:15 PM (Dream Trek)
      I was in a hallway similar to an airport terminal. Inside was a small book shelf full of childrens books. Since I had nothing to do, I picked a book of of the shelf and began reading.

      It was about a mad scientist that tried to bring things to life. He tried to use a train to bring automobiles to life, in the scene where he tied cars to the train and dragged them.

      Eventually, I was no longer reading a book about it, but I was driving the train! I drove the train for a good few minutes before the scene changed..

      I was at a public park in a city. The place was crowded as hell... I mean, crowded. I was fishing at the fountain, and like 5 other people were around me on my side of the fountain. Including a guy and a girl who were arguing. The girl was trying to talk to the guy, and the guy wanted her to leave him alone. From my perspective, I thought it was a girl hitting on a guy who didn't want anything to do with her. It turned out to be his sister annoying him. Their father yelled at the boy for being an asshole..

      I befriended those DCs, and ran off to find work with them - I made around 30 dollars, and they made more money than me. I stayed the night in their house, and when I woke up, I found that I had only 10 dollars left. They robbed me! So I took all of their money as well as some sort of corded electronic device, and made a run for it.

      I found myself cornered in some warehouse. I ditched the electronic thing and counted my money. Eventually I remembered the story about the train and the cars, and realized that I was dreaming. I tried to WAKE up from the dream, which proved to be totally weird. I felt like I went into SP, but I'm not sure if I actually did. All I know is that there was a lot of sensation, and a lot of confusion --

      And then, I was in an office building on a high floor. Still Lucid, and aware that I was dreaming. I was wondering what it was that I was going to do? I wanted to fly but I couldn't find a window, I also wanted to stay with the story line of the dream, but I was distracted. I lost control and woke up.
    11. Horse/MCycle Race

      by , 07-02-2012 at 11:20 PM (Dream Trek)
      I was in a large barn talking to some girl and the owner of the barn... The owner explained to me that my friend Matt was to buy a horse with his long saved up money.

      I was wondering which horse he was to buy, so the owner showed me. It was a huge, white horse, ripped with muscles and was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen... "How much is he paying for it?" I asked...

      "$50,000". DAAAYUM. That's a lot of money for a teenager to fork over for a horse. :O...

      So My friend came, bought the horse, and we were on our way to race it in the first horse race. I hopped on the back of the horse behind him. He was around 300 LBs, and I was around 250... How the hell are we gonna win the race with all this weight on the horse?
      Matt assured me that the horse was a demigod, and that no amount of weight could slow it down.

      We set off on the road and began to haul ass. It wasn't long before we weren't on horses, but on motorcycles instead. We ran redlights, swerved through traffic, and just overall caused a racket ...

      When we ran through a tunnel, I found myself getting flung off of the motorcycle, and landing on the ground. With dozens of bikes flying by me, I attempted to generate my own bike using dream powers, with some effect. I conjured up a dirt bike, but it was in the air, like they end up in Grand Theft Auto when you try to cheat at the wrong spot. http://puu.sh/Fohl
      Was this a sign that I was lucid? Perhaps... But I don't remember actually being lucid

      Matt told me to bring his bike back to the finish line, so I tried.. Sohard... I found myself in my bedroom, handling a pipe. Looking inside to see that there was only a little bit of weed left in it. "Fuck it..." I grabbed my lighter, when another person came in and said: "WAAIIIT!!!!" If you mess with that pipe, you'll ruin Matt's chances of winning the race... Then he turned around and began to smoke a doobie.
      "You don't tell me what to smoke in MY ROOM!" I said... "And then turn around and smoke in MY ROOM!?!?!?"

      RAAAGEEEEE -- Wake up
    12. Collossus

      by , 07-01-2012 at 10:05 PM (Dream Trek)
      In last night's dream, I was in a ruined city with no people, but towering buildings that were rotting away. It looked similar to Prypiat, the city near the Chernobyl power plant. The difference was that the towers were closer together and the cars were still brand new.

      I was on the run from some HUGE monsters, that were as tall as a football field is long. Therew were two of them, and they were covered in thick brown fur from their heads, which I couldn't see, to their elephant style feet.

      I had a sound meter in my line of vision, and if I made too much noise or got noticed, the bar would go up. At first, the monsters were chasing the hell out of me, but I eventually mastered stealth, and managed to run to the other side of the city... My original goal when I got there was to use my spear to destroy an SUV, because apparently destroying their cars kills them?

      But I didn't... I jumped into a parking lot with tons of parked cars, and I lied down next to a car, opened the door, and slipped into it.

      "Good... Tinted windows... I'll be safe and unseen here. Just hope these monsters don't crush cars for fun." It started getting hot in the car... I couldn't roll the windows down - SHIT.

      Then suddenly some girl JO gets in the drivers seat and scares the hell out of me. She's like "Wazzaaah, ain't seen you in forever!" And I'm all like "SHUT UP THERE'S MONSTERS OUT THERE"... And she's like "Wazzaaahhh!!!!" And turns the car on, rolls down the windows, etc...

      I'm like... NOOOOOOOOO!!!

      She looks at me and passes me some weed... ktb

      It was exciting, yes... But I focused on convincing her about the monsters and why she should turn the car off and roll up the windows before they come around the corner...

      And then I woke up.

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    13. Actor Beam

      by , 06-30-2012 at 09:37 PM (Dream Trek)
      The dream begins at a CEFCO Gas Station. It's the one I used to work at. I haven't been to the gas station in months, and I'm surprised to see that there are tons of coke machines... So many coke machines that they are overflowing into the parking lot. The inside of the store is loaded with so much merchandise that you can barely see through it to the clerks.

      I go to the back of the store and strike up conversation with the employees, expecially the new manager, who appeared to be Jonathan Frakes, or Commander Will Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was trying to get my job back, but Riker didn't think that was such a good idea... But he told me about a different job that I might be interested in -- Playing a crewman on the new Star Trek series.

      A crewman on the new Star Trek series???!
      Actor... New... Star Trek... Series?!??!?!
      You should have seen the look on my face.

      All the potential! I could have a few lines they think are cool, and I might get brought on as a regular, like Chief O'Brien! Hell, even if I don't I can show my trekkie friends my ass when I'm working in engineering in the background. "Check it out! Ensign ME!"... I could say that I was an actor on Star Trek!

      So there I was, getting dressed into my uniform. I was in a Yellow shirt and black pants... an original series style uniform... I was greeted by Geordi LaForge and talked for a few minutes, before it was time to move on to the sets...

      I noticed other actors were wearing the new style uniforms -- Holy shit, I'm wearing the wrong uniform!!! SHIIIII--- And then I noticed that my uniform had a stain on it.... DOUBLE SHIIIIIIIII

      Then I woke up.
    14. Narc

      by , 06-24-2012 at 06:13 PM (Dream Trek)
      I was an undercover cop, a female undercover cop at that. I lived in a house on the side of the highway with some other folks, and my job was to follow people who I was told were trafficking drugs down that strip of highway. I rode a light blue streetbike for speed and maneuverability.

      I got a notification that some bikers were taking contraband though, and I sent off on my way... I hauled ass down the highway, but saw them going down the other side of the highway. I tried to turn around but there was a median in the highway, so I attempted to pick up my motorcycle and put it on the other side, when another motorcyclist slowed down and pulled over where I was.

      He was riding a motorcycle that was long, with two different seats. I know you can fit two people on most motorcycles, but this one had a full seat, IN FRONT of the original rider. He told me to "Hop On!"
      With superhuman strength, I lifted my motorcycle and put it on top of his motorcycle. He was like "Whoah, put it down what are you doin?!"

      So I put the bike back on the ground, and hopped on his bike. He took me back to a place a few doors down and introduced me to some female friends he had, saying that I was a "Girl he met"... We began walking to my house, when out of nowhere my mother and one of her friends is in front of us. My new friends began to talk about how good looking she was, and I was like "STFU THATS MY MOM"... And we got back to the house.

      I showed them my bicycle, and told them about it, and chatted with my mom and them about how I'm actually a cop... And that's basically the dream.
    15. Tumblr!

      by , 06-23-2012 at 07:01 PM (Dream Trek)
      I was on a website called Tumblr...

      But it wasn't Tumblr.

      It was a twitter with more advanced photo uploads, in a web 1.0 format..

      Some dude needed a cigarette, so I suggested he come to Texas and I'll give him one.
      Some chick posted a picture.

      The details are lame
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