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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Fragments & Bad Notes

      by , 08-25-2017 at 04:12 PM
      So a lot of my dreams, like I've said before, are just fragments. I startle awake a lot and forget what I was dreaming. Sometimes, though, I wake up and try to take notes. And then fall asleep while doing so. This is a collection of what I have on my phone. Most are confusing and incomplete but I figure they can hang out here instead of on my phone.

      Will be updated as I have more fragments.


      Secrets written on a piece of skin. The words on it fade. The first section is information only for his eyes. The second part is for the emergency contact. It gives more details about the vehicle.

      The back is Dean's only friend and mentor and it's his contact information.

      Yall I have no idea. I was not fully awake writing this. I remember the first part, being in a candlelit room. I think I was holding a book made from human skin (I'd watched some weird documentaries) and the words disappeared when someone else tried to read them. Past that, I have no idea.


      Jamie and the others stuck on sky ride. Most of the front has evacuated. Jamie wants to but is afraid to jump. Others do.

      When she's about to, Shield appear and emerge from lake below. Jamie jumps and Shield catch her.

      They go to a jewelry store. Dean is welcomed and heads he a

      Yeah. I don't know. The first part of the dream is accurate; Jamie is a character from my WWE fanfiction and she was afraid to jump off the broken lift that went over the lake. The Shield appeared and caught her when she finally jumped. I have no idea about the rest of the dream, and again I fell asleep typing the note...
    2. 1/24/16

      by , 10-05-2016 at 01:12 AM
      Another fragment, sorry! I remember the false awakening but nothing about the first part.

      I was at work and trying to troubleshoot. My phone was on and I couldn't stop my damn Pandora (I was listening to it while falling asleep) and the customer was getting mad because they couldn't hear me over my phone. I finally got it off and I don't really know how or what happened after that.

      False Awakening: I was in my bed lying on my side, how I'd fallen asleep. I knew there was someone/something in the ground but I couldn't look and see. I figured sensing this is what had woken me up and I was panicking. I was already awake; how was I going to handle someone attacking me?!

      Sherlock was trying to jump down but his claw was stuck on my shirt. He was getting vicious and aggressive with me. I finally wrestled him free but he wouldn't jump down because there was someone/something there. I was trying to shove him off because he was hurting me and scaring me. Something about my friend Devin's Facebook? I had this like... moment where I was begging that this wasn't real because I was so scared, and I squeezed my eyes shut. I forced them open and woke myself up.
    3. 12/07/15

      by , 10-05-2016 at 01:07 AM
      Again, I'm behind. These next few dream entries are from what I have saved on my phone. Some may lack a little detail as I wont remember the feelings and such as strongly.

      I'm at my mom's house, and she's drunk. She and dad kept bothering me. I remember the room being very dark, very ominous. I told mom she was drunk and to leave me alone. I feel guilty because I never call my mom out on her drinking, and it's clear she's upset when she walks away.

      We jump to being in traffic with Kelli, Kevin, and Don. Traffic is heavy and Kevin is pissed, so we take shortcuts. Down back alleys and up stairs. In his truck. Finally, we're at a new house. Dream Kevin's house. My two brothers are there (I made a note for myself here that said maybe abaddon's story. I have no idea what that means but it was important enough for me to include...) and I'm upset. Maybe the house is haunted?

      At this point the notes don't make that much sense to me. I have no idea what this dream was about but I figured I'd leave it in case something comes back to me.

      Brother - Aiden - has had enough. We were supposed to watch pitch perfect 2 cut scenes and behind the scenes but his gf comes over and they go to bed (kevin's room) I tell him I'm going to bed and start crying and he does nothing. Upset. He comes back out and a knock at a door I think is a closet. It's not, it's a second front door. Older couple and someone come in. Leave?

      Another knock woman comes in pregnant. She comes in she's upset she's pregnant, she turns into my cat. I slowly become lucid. Realize it's a dream and before I wake up I wanna be annoying. Scare and annoy my cat with my shoes. (?) Terrorize animals and then realise it's times to get up. Make myself wake up.
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    4. 9/30/14 + 10/1/14

      by , 10-02-2014 at 07:54 PM
      I've been having reallllly weird dreams lately, compared to my weird stress-induced dreams about work. I've been waking up in a panic unfortunately because of them so I lose a lot of recall on them, but this is what I remember. I would really like feedback on the dream from 10/1/14, just because I've never had a dream like that involving owls


      My boyfriend and I are at a football game, namely the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. I know it's this game because one, we're wearing our Seahawks jersies (and so are a lot of other people) and because I just know it's in Denver. Does that make sense? Anyways, the stadium is half of my high school's football field and half of Safeway, namely the checkout area. We're shopping for snacks, about to head into the game, and these little kids keep running around and fighting with each other. My boyfriend and I are sick of them fighting, so he chases them around the stadium and I'm waiting to catch them. They run into me and I grab them and say "interception! that's what happens when you play the seahawks!". Only putting that one in because I'm 99% sure I said that out loud, because my boyfriend asked me why I was talking about the Seahawks in the middle of the night.

      Well we jump from capturing the kids to sitting on the field. We're sitting in metal bleachers on the very end, and a storms coming in. Just like in all my dreams about storms, the sky goes to a really deep navy blue, and the bad part of the storm turns black. We realize it's about to be a tornado, but we don't have time to leave. We're trying to hunker down, but the storm comes in too fast and we get sucked into the tornado. I wake up in a panic because I'm freaking terrified of tornados (even though in my city the last actual tornado to actually do anything in my city was back in 1979..). I know more happened after that but I woke up so suddenly I lost it


      This is the interesting one. I am with my family, but it's not my family. It's me, a younger sibling (I think a girl for the most part, but it's gender switched) and our aging father. We can fly, and we're flying in search of something, like food or money. I don't know what, but it's just this feeling of needing to find a supply of something. My father lands us in the mouth of this cave, halfway up a mountain. It's dark and somewhat gloomy, and there are shelves built into the wall. There is a back room you can get into through an arch built into the stone wall. We're rummaging, looking for something. I get the feeling we either own this cave area (somehow) or it's an unmanned shop. We collect items (cant remember what) and we're getting ready to go. I remember my father figure standing off to the side, holding an armful of things. I remember he lays down on his stomach in the mouth of the cave, and he's smiling. He's happy, and I get the feeling it's because he owns the cave (at least I think). A good thing to note is that in the dream I'm standing off to the side with my sibling, but I'm watching him from an upper angle to his left. I'm staring down at him, and suddenly, he's thrown back and I'm now the father. I'm in his body, and I know that it's me lying on my back, but I'm still watching from the same angle.

      This giant owl that's about 3 or 4 feet tall, light brown with a white face and chest, lands on me/father figure and pins down the body. He says something along the lines of, 'this is what your price for treachery is!' and then he sinks his beak into the neck and rips it out. And I mean, it's pretty gore. He slices the neck up and just goes to town on it. And I know it's me dying, but all I can do is watch. The owl is up to the side of me on the wall,opposite of where I'm watching from. My view switches from up above to the right to looking up at the owl beneath him. He spreads his wings out and says, "if only you had done your part, paid what you owed, you would have lived!" and I got this really heavy feeling of like, I don't know, a gang or something. Like me/father figure was in the business with the owl and we didn't do our share so the owl killed me/him.

      I woke up pretty startled, needless to say, and I lost a lot of bits from the dream