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    by , 02-06-2011 at 06:24 AM (414 Views)

    I was at a large building that was an adoption clinic. I was about to adopt a baby. There was a fat lady who worked there who was talking to a bunch of us who were interested in adopting. She talked about a pretty baby girl that was up for adoption. Later, the mother of that baby came in. She was Hispanic and very cute. She talked about her baby and said that she was sorry that he husband was also Hispanic, so that the baby wasn't half white. I told her that I didn't care about that. Time then skipped and I was at my house in the front room. I had the baby. It was crawling around and every time I told her to come, she ran onto my lap. One time she hesitated and I was sad, saying that she didn't come just like my dog wouldn't come. I then picked her up and went to the kitchen. I needed to change her diaper. I changed it, but she hadn't made a mess.

    Confusing drive

    I was driving on a highway and there was a car in front of me so I had to stop. I messed the stop up and turned too far around. There were now people piling up behind me. Somebody stepped out of the car in front of me and had a composite bow. This scared me and I hurried and turned around getting back onto the highway. I then had to choose between two roads that the highway split. I looked at the sign and couldn't recognize any of the places on one of them, so I went down the other road.

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