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    Buying a horse

    by , 02-04-2011 at 07:22 PM (373 Views)
    Buying a horse

    I was at a ranch with my mom and we were about to buy me a horse. The ranch was in the mountains and it was night time. We walked around and there were some people looking at horses and stuff. I wanted to get a specific lady to help me out, because the other two ladies were pushy and mean sometimes. As we walked to the back, where the horses are kept, I saw a jacket that was being sold and I really liked it. It was blue and I wanted to buy it. We then reached the back. There were huge steps going down into a valley, but it was really dark and I couldn't see anything. I said never mind to my mom. She said that we would go to another place where they know exactly how the horses are trained and what they know. I still wanted to buy from the place where we were at.

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