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    four dreams!

    by , 01-29-2011 at 04:57 PM (384 Views)
    Pawn search

    I was in a pawn type shop and was looking for a baby book to send my kid. (This is strange, because I don't have a kid. My ex-girlfriend had a miscarriage) I looked through all of the book sections and I couldn't find any that I thought were suitable for her age. I looked through on section of used books. They were really gross though and sometimes wet and moldy. I then went to the back of the shop. It seemed as though a whole guitar section of the shop had been added on when I wasn't looking. I then found a part of the shop where the items hadn't been sorted yet and were just sitting in piles. Radiohead's "In Rainbows" stuck out to me. I then left the shop and was walking with my parents through the mall. I talked about how I needed shoes. We went into a safari themed clothing store to look for shoes for me.

    How I met your mother

    I was watching a TV commercial where the people from how I met your mother were talking about wearing hats drawn on by pain (the computer paint) to hide that their sets were being worked on. Barney's character then kept talking and I was surprised to hear that he actually had a British accent. My mom said how nice of a guy he seemed to be in real life. The more I looked at him he had only one eye. For some reason I thought that this was normal though. He then started to act strange with the interviewer. At the end of the interview he kissed the interviewers hand.

    Strange game

    I was at my friends house and got on his computer. I started to play a game that was a mix between warcraft 3 and starcraft. It was an RPG. I was a space marine and was in a mid-evil type town in the middle of a desert. I then left and had a really fast horse. I rode across desert plains and started to dodge black spirits. I made it past all of the spirits . I then saw a fort and went through a broken part of the wall. There were huge block like enemies. One noticed me and started running towards me. I then stopped playing and looked through a booklet of the different sex scenes that were in the game. They were all very graphic.

    The military

    I had joined the military and was with my cousin chase. We got our rifle, but I wasn't sure how it worked. Aunt Becky was there and she was helping to show me. She showed me how to turn the safety on but I forgot shortly after. I went back to her and asked again. She showed me how to do it but accidentally broke the tip of my gun off. She apologized and left. I then went out into the cafeteria where they were going to give us a speech. I saw my friend Silas and a bunch of other kids from my school. It surprised them that they had all joined the military. I saw down, but I started to feel bad that I had joined the military. I stood up and started to yell at them that I didn't agree with the war and that I was against it from the very start. It seemed to be a good speech and wasn't met with any negativity. I saw a girl with a sniper rifle at the side of the cafeteria and was surprised that she didn't shoot me. Girls then started to strip down the bikini's on the back stage of the cafeteria. I thought it was strange that they were using girls like this as a reward for us.

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