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    Icy waters

    by , 02-08-2011 at 06:41 PM (778 Views)
    Strange greeting (fragment)

    I was outside and had been walking for a while. We were on the outskirts of some neighborhood that I've never been to. Rex was with me and so was Kevin. Kevin left to go home because he said he going to bring us back some movies. We then ran into faith and Katie. Katie greeted me by rubbing up against me with her butt. I found this a little strange, but liked it too. Kevin then came back with two movies.

    Cold waters

    I was watching my friend Chris, from Yellowstone. He was trapped under a bunch of ice in Alaska. He had to wait for the weather to get colder and colder so the ice would grow above his head. When it was close enough he could grab it and pull himself up and over the hole. I watched it grow in fast motion. I had a feeling that something bad was about to happen and that he might not make it. He then pulled himself over and on top of the ice. As the scenery revealed itself I saw that he was on the edge of a downward cliff that led to a wide river. He started to scale down the cliff, but slipped and fell into the water. His whole body disappeared underneath the green, icy water. I thought he was a goner, knowing how cold it was.

    I was now talking to my cousin, Cameron, as the events took place. He said how he once fell into the waters in Alaska too. I was amazed that he survived. I told him that I had just touched the water and that it felt extremely cold. I then saw Chris come up out of the water on the other side of the river. He was greeted by a bunch of other people. They all seemed like his friends and it seemed that he was safe.

    My environment then changed and I was at my grandmas house. My Grandma, Cameron and I were all in her kitchen. It didn't look anything like her real life kitchen though. Cameron was about to go fishing. He was wearing brown overalls and had a bunch of gear with him. I kind of wanted to go with him but for some reason I knew that I couldn't. I grabbed a bunch of equipment and approached him. I could tell that I couldn't go and put them down against the kitchen counter. I then saw that grandma was about to cook something to eat. I looked back as Cameron said something and walked out the front door.

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    1. Raspberry's Avatar
      If I had a dream my friend had slipped into icy water i'd be freaking out.

      A cool dream though, I'd like to have an ice dream.
    2. Drokens's Avatar
      Yeah, strangely it didn't affect me very much. I think I had a slight idea that it wasn't really happening.