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    Looking for food

    by , 03-29-2011 at 07:39 PM (460 Views)
    Looking for food

    I was on a cruise ship and was with my parents. My whole side of the Cowles family was also there. My parents were complaining about some of the people with us. I didn't like this so I left them to go exploring. I wanted to find my cousin so I could chill with him. I entered an indoor lobby area which was surrounded by hotel rooms. I saw a kid who looked like Mikel Thomas.He was with his parents and looked a little different than he does in real life. I got excited and ran over to him tapping him on the shoulder. I realized it wasn't him and apologized.

    I then ran down stairs and passed a bunch of kids going upstairs. I was now looking for the cafeteria. I instead found a theater where there was loud rap music playing. It was really dark except for the screen that was showing a cartoon movie. There was a little icon in the corner of the screen that was just letters. I then went upstairs and looked at a map. It showed that all the restaurants were upstairs so I started to head that way.

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    Tags: cruise, theater