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    Model ships and dumb sex

    by , 02-06-2011 at 11:41 PM (458 Views)
    Future wife (Fragments)

    I was in a house, with this fat girl. She was my girlfriend or wife and all of my family was there. We were really close on a bed and were having sex. We woke up in the morning and my family was still there. We were often close.

    Cop outside

    Me and my friend Rex were in a house that I've never been in before. It had an up and downstairs to it and seemed to be very block like. I noticed when I looked out one of the windows that there was a cop sitting in a car with his lights on right outside our house. He looked at me and didn't seem happy. I knew we had alcohol and weed in the house and this scared me. For some reason I found out that he would come in and search the house soon. I told Rex and we went and grabbed the stuff. I suggested putting it in the attic, but we decided that it would be better to put it somewhere outside. We went out the opposite door of where the policeman was. We walked down a sidewalk, to another house and put it in the houses bushes. When we were walking back a guy came up to us and told us to take it away from his house so he didn't get in trouble. We apologized to him and he seemed okay with it. We never ended up going back.

    Model ship

    I was outside on the beach making a model ship. It was actually really big but I was putting it together with my hands. They were huge block pieces and I was fitting it together to make a long landing craft. I stepped back from it and there was sand all around, where there used to be ocean. The ship had sucked up all of the water when I made it. Sand even lined the sides of the ship. I knocked some off and it uncovered a really bright green design.

    Later, somebody came and said that I had put it together wrong. This guy had been a jerk to me earlier. He was taking it apart, not like blocks, but piece by piece, tearing clunks of wood off of it and pieces of plastic. He said that it wasn't supposed to be as long. I went to the top of the boat to look at what he was doing. He had made it half the length as it was. There were lots of people carrying parts of the boat and rebuilding. He made a dome with an entrance that waves were coming into. The top of the boat now seemed to be on the same level as the ocean had been. He then started to be pretty nice to me and explained how it worked. He said that every couple of waves that would enter, would spin around the dome. Waves came in and rapidly spun around hitting me. It was pretty fun, like a ride at a water park. It did it another time and I jumped into the wave. It wasn't as strong as I thought it would be.

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