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    Movie viewing

    by , 01-28-2011 at 08:22 PM (350 Views)
    Movie viewing

    I was at a movie theater, seeing a movie with my friend Mark and his parents. It was a Disney psychedelic type cartoon. There was a famous scene we were watching where everything was made out of clouds at first. His dad said to watch for the famous hidden giraffe that was in the scene. Lines formed to make different shapes with different colors filling in those shapes, but I couldn't really make out any giraffe. I thought that I had missed it. The clouds scene was really awesome and everybody in the audience seemed to like it a lot.

    Our seats then started to move and I began rocking back and forth out of control. Mark was moving like crazy also. I then realized that our seats weren't moving at all and that it was just us. Mark said that we should move somewhere else and I agreed. He got up and went almost to the front. There were two seats available at the side and we both sat down. We were now watching a sort of concert, although it was still filmed on screen. It was barney, but more for adults. Anthony Bordain then walked down the isle and I had his book for some reason. It was under my chair, but when I tried to grab it, it just kept ripping apart. I asked Mark if I should show him his own book. He said that it was a boring book and I agreed laughing.

    The chairs were now all planks of wood, laying on the ground and it was hard to sit on. I had to sit on one with a lady and I kept accidentally flipping it over, knocking her down. She got angry and took the whole thing for herself. I went and sat propped up against the wall. There was then a foamy icing all over the place and me and Mark started to eat it.

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