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    1. The horror of drugs and a club

      by , 02-07-2011 at 09:33 PM
      Horror of drugs (That aren't marijuana)

      I was in a big parking lot on the side of a highway. I was there to make a drug deal with two other people that I didn't know. I kept getting nervous because cars kept driving really fast through the parking lot. I kept thinking that one of them would be a cop. We were about to give up on finding the drugs, when one of the people I was with saw it. He reached his hand down a gutter and pulled out a plastic bag full of adderall pills.

      Later, time skipped some and I had taken some adderall at my house. I felt sped up and kind of light headed. My old friend JP had come over, which was strange because our friendship ended on pretty bad terms. I knew that he had come over, but I couldn't find him anywhere in the house. I knew something was wrong, so I went out into the garage and JP was sitting in my car, in the passenger side seat. In the driver seat there was a little girl who JP was helping smoke out of my pipe. She had blond hair and looked as though she was two to three years old. I had never seen her before.

      I opened the car door and grabbed the pipe from the girl, putting it in my pocket. I put out my hand towards the plastic bag full of pills that JP was holding, but he held back. I told him that he could keep the pills. I didn't want them because I could get in trouble with them. I then picked up the girl and felt her shaking. She had smoked crushed up adderall pills out of my pipe. I asked JP how much she had smoked. I forgot what he said. I told him how bad it was and that I may have to take her to the hospital. When I said this I looked at the girl to make sure she didn't understand what I was saying. I asked him if he did it just to get back at me or something.

      He said "Honestly, yes."

      I then told him that I wouldn't be the one paying for it and that it was worse for the little girl than me.

      He was now in the back of my car and three girls were in the car with him. At this point the little girl had disappeared from my hands. I asked them why they didn't stop him and they all they said that they didn't know it was harmful. I called them all names over and over. I started to leave to go inside and they followed me to the door. They all started to look pretty nervous as I threatened how much trouble they would be in. I went in and walked past my parents in the living room going straight to my room. I held the pipe in my pocket to make sure it didn't fall out. I would put it away before I told my parents what was going on.

      Strange club

      I was with this girl who needed to get home to Texas from where we were at. She had blond, shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I think we were in a major city in California. We had maybe come from Yellowstone. We hadn't traveled very far though, so my dream logic must have failed me and thought that California was close to Yellowstone.

      I started to drive her out into the city a bit to find a hotel. Later she told me that the next day I would need to drive her to Iowa to catch a plane home. I told her that I couldn't and that she would have to take a bus or something. For some reason I felt scared to not take her. After I told her that I couldn't take her she said that she had no reason to live. She turned into an old woman with messy, gray hair and went out in traffic, getting hit by a vehicle. She splattered into a white liquid material after being hit.

      Time skipped and I then ended up in this club in the same city. It was just a huge slab of concrete with people dancing everywhere. I found a section that was for gay people and everybody said that it was where I belonged. There was a train of eight to ten guys rubbing against each other. Most of them were old, black men. I didn't really feel comfortable with this. I tried to leave but was frozen and couldn't move for a second. I finally got away from it.

      I sat down next to some other people. Then a person started to speak to us from a stage at the front. He told us that the brown squares on the floor were made of something special. He let us guess for a while what they were made out of and some of the people around us thought it something dangerous. He then said that if there were any thieves that he was afraid they would take what it was. He then revealed to us that the brown squares were marijuana. The people around me tore some of the pieces from the floor and said they were taking some home.

      I then grabbed my suitcase and started to leave. It fell open though and I noticed that another suitcase had been inside of it. This suitcase was unzipped and I could see that it was completely empty. I hadn't packed any of my clothes when I left Yellowstone and was scared I would have to go back to where I was to get them. I thought about calling my parents to ask what I should do.

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