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    by , 02-18-2011 at 01:56 AM (492 Views)

    I was at a work community that was much like Yellowstone was. There was rumors of a guy walking around that was stealing stuff. He was on the news and had clear pictures of him. He had brown hair and glasses and kind of looked a little nerdy. When I saw him on the news I was really surprised that I had seen him before. Later, me and Rex were in my car when I saw him. He was carrying a huge bundle of clothing. I thought I saw my brown jacket in there and some stuff that belonged to my friends.

    I got out of the car and approached him, grabbing the stuff out of his hands. At first, he didn't show much resistance. He just watched me trying to pick up all the stuff. It was way too much. He grabbed whatever stuff I dropped.

    I then called Rex's name. I was pretty far from my car and was surprised when he started running over. He looked really excited to help and was wearing a brown sweater. He helped me pick up all the stuff and we somehow called the cops. A policeman showed up and everybody was happy to have caught the thief. I started to make scrambled eggs, right there outside, for the cop. When I was done I handed it to him, but then realized that I had done all of the work. I took them back from the cop and decided that I'd eat them myself.

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