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    The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy

    I have a new* naming convention for characters:
    J - first appears in Issues and was my enemy for a while. (Jacob)
    N - my former crush. (Nicole)
    M - my ex. She convinced me that school ended after third period in one of my dreams. (Maddy)
    C - his first appearance is in Lost in the Green Building. (Carter)
    mmkk - His first appearance was in The UFO. (Kia)
    Z - While he isn't really a friend of mine, his first appearance is in Fake Gangs, a small Laptop, a crappy movie, and Bull of Heaven. (Zoe)
    A - mmkk's little sister. She first appeared in the same dream as Z. (Aliza)
    K - C's friend. (Kyle)
    MB - another friend of mine. (Megan)
    V - K and C's friend.
    W - C's Ex (Willow, now William)
    Ed - J's new name (Edynn)

    *this is actually outdated and I'll be calling them by their real names.

    1. Gamers' Castle

      by , 09-25-2021 at 07:24 AM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      In this new dream, I was in a fancy castle of some kind. It was a very racist and generally bigoted one with a lot of rules, not all of them inherently racist. I remember breaking a few, and after I broke one about associating with a black person, a chase started. I don't particularly remember if I was caught but I remember this sequence of events happening again a few times. The group they sent to capture me was associated with either Dead Space or some other similar game. Eventually, I learned how to fly and took that to my advantage. Once that happened, the dream took a weird turn in which I was both simultaneously flying and viewing myself in third person in a way that implied that I wasn't the character that learned to fly. The people chasing me went from dead set on capturing me to just annoyed that I was flying. Under me I had some computer code or something while I was flying among voxelated forests. I remember eventually learning how to fly really fast by diving down on occasion. Eventually that stopped and it was back to first person where I was getting ready to find the headquarters of the people associated with dead space. A guy was briefing me on the mission and then I woke up.

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