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    An Astrophysicist Moves Into the Trailer Park

    by , 08-08-2021 at 04:34 AM (62 Views)
    I remember being in a large room with a bunch of different people, some I knew and others I didn't. 80's George Carlin was there sitting at a seat diagonal from me and we were all sharing music and media and whatnot. I shared my music with a disclaimer that my music is written and performed in my own language and when I prrssed play, everyone left halfway through the song and george carlin displayed mild contempt.

    After that segment of the dream, I was just in my room minding my business when all of a sudden I see someone drive a trailer exactly like ours into the lot next to us. Their trailer was modified to rest off the ground and had two large red jet engines at the back. Me, my mom and her boyfriend grew curious and decided to enter from the staircase descending from the bottom. The owner and occupant was an approximately 5'4" thinner lady with brown hair. My mom's boyfriend told her his name, prefaced by the statement that if he had his ID he would show that to her as well. She told us her name and that she's an astrophysicist or something like that. The entire trailer looked completely different on the inside, almost like some kind of lab. Eventually I was tasked by someone there with sorting her miniature collectible snow globes of varying sizes on the shelf by her bed.

    I think I had another dream shortly after or before where I explained weirdcore to Edynn but I don't remember for sure.

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