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    Dantalion Reaches Out

    by , 01-06-2021 at 08:18 AM (122 Views)
    I remember the dream started with me in a house and neighborhood that I've never seen before. My aunt had found a temporary place to live off of a website and suggested it to me. I had invited either the cast of fairbairn films or the dream equivalent of them over and I wanted to do an interview although they didn't know if it would be good for their earnings. They made 73,000 dollars a year. After they left, I found some extra weed in some cabinets but decided against smoking it. I then remember overhearing that all of the toys of the kids in the neighborhood were gone, and I tried assisting a couple people in escaping the town with bags of supplies. After that, I left the city and found myself lost on someone's farm on the mountains, where I was chased into the lake by one of his severely inbred tigers. Apparently the dream went from a normal first person perspective to a vlog/minecraft let's play series or something because after that happened there was a psychedelic montage of the scenery that got progressively more abstract until it resulted in the end product of a baby swordfish. I turned off the video and either I was instantly in a car or there was a transitional bit I don't remember that led to me being in a car with my sister and my mom, who was driving. My sister was talking about life and I was explaining where I was now that I had just turned 18 (I am still 17 irl). We drove past an off-road fence through a natural location/farm (maybe even the same one considering that it looked like we were at a high-ish altitude) until we somehow found ourselves in a parking lot, and then I found myself at my childhood house by myself. People were moving stuff around and I was talking to a couple of Jamaican people. They had a couple exciting things I wanted to try out but couldn't because I was apparently not 18 yet in this part of the dream. This part somehow led to me ranting to an unknown individual about yugioh cards in some kind of unknown semi-futuristic space/sky city at night, which led to me talking about demon work. I was saying how I worked with furcas, (maybe) purson, amon, ipos, and one that I couldn't figure out the name of, although something tells me I was referring to Dantalion. I think I got it eventually because I was explaining to someone with me how he lives under one of the decorative white pillars in the city, specifically the slightly transparent rectangular ones with a spherical shape on top of them. I then said he lived in some other hidden location in the city, right before the guy asked which place he lived that I mentioned, and then I admitted that I hadn't done demon work in a long time. I don't remember if something happens after that, but I assume not because I woke up pretty fast. I haven't had a dream this vivid before and chances are it could be a sign that furcas and/or dantalion wants to work with me so I had to write it down.

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