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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Dreamathon 2021

      by , 06-26-2021 at 08:20 AM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Dream 1: I was running either away from or with patrick star across a city

      Dream 2: me and a dream character who I befriended were making plans to escape across a city from the government in a giant paper airplane

      Dream 3: The grocery store I worked at fell under new management and she was evil and made everyone wear gray uniforms, but I managed to convince hear to make them wear pink uniforms with purple pants and shoes instead.

      Dream 4: I was talking to Jonochrome, creator of riddle school, about Jonochrome without realizing he was the one I was talking to. Meanwhile, he was streaming live footage of him walking across an ancient chinese landmark that was the longest math equation in history that spanned across an entire canyon.

      Dream 4, part 2: I attempt to walk across the aforementioned math equation but it was made of reciept paper so I fell and nearly killed myself.

      Dream 5: I was looking out the bathroom door of my trailer because an elderly couple drove their minivan into a giant hole filled with foamy water. They blamed me on it, and my mom's boyfriend came out to reason with them. Afterwards, I taught them how to tap a musical composition on the side of the trailer with their hands and distracted them with how cool they thought it was.

      Dream 6: I was in my trailer park trying to get a picture of the sunset over the unusually cyberpunk looking scenery. I was specifically trying to take a picture of a point in the sunset in which the center of the sun is black and fractal like repetitions made the sun rays, and it seemed to rewind just to allow me to take the right picture. I showed my sister the photo and she thought it was pretty cool.

      Dream 7: I was walking around in the shopping center by the place I was born with my non-existent, heavily intoxicated transmasculine femboy friend. He was wearing a pink skirt with a layer of green showing just under the top layer, with a similar looking crop-top. I went into the pet store and saw my ex boyfriend signing papers at a desk by the checkout area. I tried introducing him to my friend but it went bad because my friend could barely stand, let alone talk to people.
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    2. Milo's Resurrection

      by , 09-25-2019 at 03:19 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Fragment 1: I was playing a minecraft mod that starts you off with only a set amount of chunks that are added onto by doing certain things. Meanwhile, someone was telling me about an incident they were involved in. I would give details if I could remember.

      Fragment 2: Me and my mom were in the parking lot at a local shopping center when we saw the queen of England. Without even thinking, my mom started talking to her, invited her in the car, and we got in and started driving home. I put on a song from a Leprous/Rishloo album that doesn't exist. It had the opening riff from "Lovely Room" off of Rishloo's first album, but it was more distorted and droned throughout the entire track. The album featured a black album cover with dark blue markings to imitate a stone pattern. The song itself was pretty soft in tone. Eventually, I had to get out to clean the road because one of the neighbor's recycle bins had fallen over. It had the words "work smart and not hard" spray painted on it. I turned my head a little bit and saw my late dog Milo sniffing something. By this time, the queen was talking to my mom from our porch. I tried to call my mom's attention to the fact that our dead dog is outside right now, but she just wouldn't budge. My aunt did see, however, and I remarked about how odd it is that he's here and that he looks not a year older than when he died. I then told her, "You would've thought I would have this dream the night after he died-" I exclaimed YES under my breath at the realization that I had just become lucid. I looked at my right hand, as per tradition for me, and it was extremely messed up. Fingers were coming out of fingers in a tree-like fashion, and I only had two fingers that branched from my palm. I focused hard enough and it became more normal, although I was missing a finger. I tried getting that finger back, but I only got to halfway before I gave up. Some insignificant stuff that I can't remember happened, and then I woke up.

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    3. Tech in an Abandoned World

      by , 09-22-2019 at 04:54 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I remember that the world was in ruin and I was messing with technology that honestly probably didn't help. It was a device that controlled your appearance on two scales: Your weight and how conventionally attractive you are. It worked, but it seemed to only control feminine features, although I remember some guy messing with it and getting masculine stuff to work. I remember using it on myself, turning the weight feature all the way down to the most skinny it could get, and seeing my nerd neck be extremely pronounced. When I turned the attractiveness scale down, I grew a pair of saggy tits and a poorly done beehive hairdo.

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    4. Collecting Stray Animals and Undoing Princess Bubblegum's Curse

      by , 09-21-2019 at 03:08 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Something had sent me to go out and collect stray animals to put in a bag. I was walking through a neighborhood doing so when I realized that most of them were small black kittens, but when I looked down I saw my dog Rex, a fox terrier mix who is missing a front leg.

      The second fragment involved Adventure Time characters, specifically Bonnie and Marceline. They were in a larger version of my house fighting each other because Bonnie was under some spell that turned her into a monolithic demon. Marceline undid the spell by quite literally worshiping herself, which caused her to first turn into something similar to the demon bat version of herself that's in the show and then a more pure form of demonic energy. This works out, she returns to normal, and I (while breaking the fourth wall) go and look for the cause. I saw a few things, but I remember a yearbook photo that showed the demon curse messing with other students. There was an equally douchey quote under it.

      I was watching the series finale of Adventure Time after binging it for a week or three before I had these fragments. They ended the show so well and it was all so well done that it stuck with me as I was trying to go to sleep and even right now as I'm typing this. If you have the time, I highly recommend watching the show all the way through sometime. I think the most amazing thing is seeing something I used to watch when I was 6 or 7 evolve into something so in depth and interconnected and with such an interesting and deep lore as this.

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    5. Pufferfish Lady

      by , 05-31-2018 at 02:41 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      FRAGMENT 1:
      In the first fragment, I was listening to the end of The Chosen Priest and the Apostle of Infinite Space by Bull of Heaven in my art class at school. It was a sad sounding piano ballad narrated with a father telling his son he was sorry about something.

      Fragment 2:
      In the next fragment, I was outside an apartment I was staying at. I saw a really popular husband and wife walking into a limousine, surrounded by people. The wife, instead of just saying no to show her discontempt, puffed her face up to arround twice the diameter until it scared the husband into not going into the limo. I then ran away from the apartment, but I gave up and went back. 8 hours seemed to have gone by in 8 minutes. I walked in, saw my fat, miserable dream family watching TV, saw there was no room on the couch, and sat down on a mat on the opposite wall. I then played this

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    6. Cassette Player

      by , 04-14-2018 at 07:40 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      This dream starts with me listening to my cassette player. Unsatisfied with the quality, I decided to go to the record store, where I found like twelve jensen cassette players kind of just on the shelves.

      Fragment 2: There was a theater in the middle of a desert like area a mountain where me, C, and K, as well as some other theater were listening to a grindcore song being played through a projector. My friend's reactions were as follows:
      What even is this? - C
      This song fucking sucks - K
      As soon as the song was over, I got up and said "still not better than dream theaterIN MY OPINION!"

      Fragment 3: my nephew/mmkk's brother was listening to what he thought was a cassette player. It had similarities to a mini cassette player, but more digital looking. I told him that that's not even what cassette players look like, but he didn't listen. I then got out my phone, which for some reason, had Kim Jong Un and Robbie rotten or someone like him over the gay flag as the wallpaper, and tried to find an app to prove him wrong. No luck. There was also a fragment where I was sitting across from N in a classroom somewhere in there.
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    7. 6th Lucid...?

      by , 03-19-2018 at 02:34 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      In this dream, my neighbors from across the street were moving. I went upstairs and did a reality check. I then gained lucidity and told my uncle about it, and he said that I was in real life. After doing the reality check, I lost the ability to do it again and eventually I lost lucidity.

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    8. Dream Travel

      by , 03-12-2018 at 02:36 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      This dream involved me going into other people's dreams by reading their dream logs and then going to bed. The first dream I went into was Mrs. Puff's dream. I was in the middle of a field at night where there was a blue dog turning into a werewolf. I hid in the house that it was in but I was too big to fit in. The next morning I was a cow and in the dog house next to it. I then woke up, read about another dream, had that dream, woke up, and then had one of my dreams. In the dream, I woke up, went downstairs, and I noticed that my grandma was going up to wake me up. Once I got to the kitchen, I remembered reading about an article where lucid dreams would be REALLY realistic. The dream was realistic, but blurry, as if I didn't clear out my eyes at all. I looked at my hand and said "yeah, this is a dream," but I noticed something was wrong. This wasn't just a regular dream, this was the setup for a nightmare. I grew cautious and anxious and saw a vacuum cleaner exiting my grandma's room by itself. I said to my grandma "hey grandma, I'm dreaming," and she responded with "yes...," and then approached me with a sinister grin on her face. There was also a chunk missing from her right cheek, but it wasn't like I could see her mouth, it was instead just a white area. She didn't do anything to me because I had a false awakening and lost lucidity. I then went through a few other dreams, woke up, and noticed just HOW realistic the lucid dream had been, The only difference being that I wasn't bumping into walls in the dream.
    9. Song Requests And a Channel About Music.

      by , 01-30-2018 at 03:50 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I remember being in my second period class, where we had to play our favorite song. I remember my history teacher played a native american song of some kind, and some other people played different things. I forgot exactly what I played, but it had country and jazz influences, and the music video involved a cartoon chicken. I then went on a YouTube channel that talked about the history of rock and metal albums. I went on a video talking about a random Metallica album. The narrator was talking about what being in the band was like. He was talking about how James Hetfield is your best friend, and how Kirk Hammet teaches you how to connect that tube to the one over there, but that's just how you eat. Taking on the road eating to new lows. I also saw a video of another thrash metal band with the years 1986 - 3616 on the thumbnail.
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    10. The Strangest Meat Ever

      by , 01-29-2018 at 03:34 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I had this fragment after a failed WILD and MILD attempt. I was eating dinner with my family and a few friends, although it felt like breakfast. I was getting some salad, but then my grandma burst into a fit of rage and started to yell at me for no reason whatsoever. A friend of mine from school, who we'll call S, was microwaving this GIANT leg of meat. I couldn't tell you what it was even if I tried. I went over and asked if I could have some. He said yes and cut off a piece for me. the slice I had was a little smaller than my monitor, so about 8 inches. the middle of the piece that was given to me had this stiff layer of cartilage and the texture reminded me a little of breaded shrimp. I can't remember what it tasted like, but it was probably something like chicken mixed with fish. All I remember is that it tasted good. I also had Van Halen on the mind for some reason, probably because it was one of S's favorite bands.
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    11. A Database of Dreams

      by , 10-05-2017 at 02:25 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I had a dream where I was playing a dream themed horror game. A creature of some kind asked me to get something that was already in the room he was in, and I said "what if I just get it now?" I got it, and then I died and was sent to a fail screen where I could select from a database of dreams from the dreamviews forum. The only difference was that they were all made into 3d games. In the first one, I was playing as a DC on a bike trip with the actual person. Something happened and I decided to split off. I also remember scrolling through the database of dreams a bit. Apparently, the dream I played was from 2012.

      Someone seriously needs to make this a thing.
    12. My First Two Recorded Scraps (don't know if that's good or bad)

      by , 09-27-2017 at 02:18 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I had several times during the night where I thought I was writing down a dream. The only reason I know it was a dream is because there isn't a new dream log on my computer. The other scrap I had involved the color green. There was a green pillar I think.
      dream fragment
    13. Hippie Rock and The Nightmare Before Christmas

      by , 09-26-2017 at 02:38 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Lately, my dreams have been less and less vivid and I don't know why.

      Fragment 1: I was watching a TV documentary where there was a rock band that consisted only of hippies. The drummer/leader of the band said that "We are willing to indulge ourselves in this absent minded spanish music"

      Fragment 2: I was in my art classroom watching the nightmare before christmas with V. When the opening was about to happen, V said "this is the best part" and then the narrator who would normally be telling us about halloween land or whatever was instead singing something to the tune of hotel california but one octve down. I then woke up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Showing off my Frances the Mute CD at School

      by , 09-24-2017 at 04:00 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I was on the blacktop at school. Everybody was doing a bunch of crazy activities when I saw the only teacher who has a PHD in teaching, who we'll call Dr. B. I went to him, showing off my Frances the Mute CD.
      "I have an album that I want you to listen to" I said. "it's an album called Frances the Mute by The Mars Volta. You won't be able to play it here at school because it's kind of inappropriate, but I want you to listen to this as soon as you get home." Or at least I said something like that.
      "Ok, then. Sounds like a plan." He said. I then woke up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Failed WILD, Semi-Successful DILD

      by , 09-23-2017 at 04:04 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      I was up in my room at night time when I looked at my hand. My pinkie finger bent like my thumb and I had six fingers. I then gained lucidity. I then went into the kitchen and straight to mmkk. "Dude, check this out!" I said to him a couple of times because I was so exited. I didn't do much after. Either that or I just don't remember it.

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