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    Going to the Afterlife With Edynn

    by , 06-07-2021 at 08:24 AM (73 Views)
    I had finally been allowed to come over to Edynn's house. I said hi to everyone and had conversations with them about all kinds of things, and then I went to her bedroom where I accidentally ruined a game her and a lot of her new friends played. The next day she explained what I did, and I apologized profusely. She was very understanding. For some reason that lead us to her showing me the afterlife temporarily. She took me there and showed me everything there was to see, including a women's weightlifting and bodybuilding room that made even the act of walking a workout, and a grocery store where extremely exotic instruments and other items were available. I eventually lost her in the store but found my way to a place for masculine women, where I found maddy. I had to remind her of who I was because of how long it had been, and she asked if anyone knew my deadname around here and I told her no. I then asked her if I was actually dead and in the future since everyone I have ever known was present here. I then looked at a portable interface of significant cultural/historical events that happened since I was transported here and one of them said this:

    - The Crisis of Wrent (2021)

    The afterlife was very similar to a school campus in design, with brick walls and blue doors with signs on them.

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