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    A Horrid Hotel

    by , 05-09-2021 at 08:27 AM (63 Views)
    I had a dream where me and mom were still homeless. Despite that, one thing that stayed close to reality is that I worked at her job with her. We were having an argument in front of the car about openness when I said that I feel like I can never be open about my opinion about her or other things and she got really mad, and then I pointed out angrily that this always happens, after which I was kicked out of her car, felt obliged to leave and we screamed at each other as I walked away flipping her off from behind with both hands. Before she even left, a couple of old, decrepit heroin junkies with needles in their arm and an asian guy with a robot started asking favors of me that I didn't feel were ideal for me to do. They wouldn't back off until a few straight moments of convincing them to leave, but this one creepy overweight asian guy with a robot was following me for a bit longer, after which he deployed a module of his robot that rolled around on the ground, presumably to watch me.

    I ran to the other side of the hotel where my room was and closed the door, but before I could close it entirely, the little glass diode robot rolled in, after which I stomped it down and crushed it. The room was similar to the main two star hotel we stayed in for most of the duration of our irl homelessness, but instead of puke green like the door, the walls were white, and the main bed was in the corner of the room across from the TV, which was a nice flatscreen one that actually worked, on the right side of the door. Some time before she left, my mom said that whatever was on the TV was probably unsettling, and it sort of was. I saw a very personable grayish blue crash test dummy get dunked forcefully into water while it passively and contently accepted its fate, among other things. I switched the channel and came across a music video for a song by Primus about someone convincing their dad to let them use heroin, with the "I know I'll get through to him someday" line standing out to me the most. It sounded like something off their 2011 album Green Naugahyde. The whole time this was playing, I knew that the door to my hotel room was so broken that a little outward force could open it, but I didn't know what to do about it until I saw that it wasn't the main door. The main door was covering up the window and was much thicker. I closed that and after a bit of relaxation after an entire evening of tenseness, I woke up.

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