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    The Iowa House

    by , 06-16-2021 at 08:21 AM (72 Views)
    I had a dream that was set in my trailer park, although the entire layout was different. The trailers were laid out side by side in circular arrangements instead of the square or rectangular blocks they're usually in. It was the day after My neighbor's birthday party and I see her and a bunch of friends come out of her trailer with something. Me and whoever I'm talking to are kind of watching them from a distance, up until a heavy-set arab looking guy comes up to us and gives us advice about our car in a southern accent and abruptly leaves. My friend notes that he was probably a muslim given the accent he spoke in and I said that he actually sounded pretty southern. I then looked to my right and saw him moving in to the lot next to ours, and wondered if I should continue to talk to him in case he's a muslim who just happens to be transphobic. I am not that far into hormones and this guy would start noticing changes and maybe not respond favorably to them.

    At another point in the dream, me and my mom are either going somewhere or driving home from somewhere while someone on the car radio is talking about controversy surrounding "the softest alpha male". I decided to connect my phone's bluetooth to listen to music, but abruptly noticed the interface in the car say that data charges may vary due to being outside of state lines. I looked and it said we were in a state that abbreviates to "I", only to later realize that we were in Iowa. I saw a very large golden Taj Mahal/white house/stereotypical persian castle/mansion in the scenery and jokingly pointed at it and said "oh look it's the iowa house". I then woke up within the dream after the radio started talking to me directly. I didn't leave my room but I did look to see what the news radio stuff was coming from.

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