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    Pufferfish Lady

    by , 05-31-2018 at 02:41 PM (63 Views)
    In the first fragment, I was listening to the end of The Chosen Priest and the Apostle of Infinite Space by Bull of Heaven in my art class at school. It was a sad sounding piano ballad narrated with a father telling his son he was sorry about something.

    Fragment 2:
    In the next fragment, I was outside an apartment I was staying at. I saw a really popular husband and wife walking into a limousine, surrounded by people. The wife, instead of just saying no to show her discontempt, puffed her face up to arround twice the diameter until it scared the husband into not going into the limo. I then ran away from the apartment, but I gave up and went back. 8 hours seemed to have gone by in 8 minutes. I walked in, saw my fat, miserable dream family watching TV, saw there was no room on the couch, and sat down on a mat on the opposite wall. I then played this

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