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    SO MANY missed opportunities for a DILD

    by , 09-22-2017 at 02:26 PM (159 Views)
    Fragment 1: In the beginning of the dream, I was having a dream where I woke up in a green room with a 3D grid of exotic guitar/shamisen/ukelele hybrids. I then woke up, went to the bathroom, and wrote about my dream.

    Fragment 2: After that, I had another dream inside the current one where I was walking home from school when some high pitched voiced stopped me and prevented me from moving. I had entered sleep paralysis. I then woke up. I could have used that as a great opportunity for a DILD, but I didn't.

    Fragment 3: I had found a new software used for lucid dreaming. Basically, what it did was play music from your favorite band, and that was supposed to set the mood of your dream. I went to this strange place with a lazer gun which was supposed to be a portable version of the device. My friend Who we'll call K, said that he doubted that it worked. I then downloaded the software and an archive of songs. I opened one of the songs, which was this crappy foreign hip hop song, and then my computer went crazy. Things like a random doom level generator having a seisure, random faces in circles popping up near the task bar, and text changing were the common results. I went to the start menu to restart my computer, and there was a search bar that was counting down the time before the ultimate payload attack on my PC. Every time I tried to restart, it closed the start menu. I then woke up.

    MAN, this dream had a lot of opportunities.

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