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    Ancient Tree

    by , 09-10-2022 at 07:39 PM (251 Views)
    This was actually a half way decent and interesting LD.

    G/C + LT

    Ancient Tree (INRALD)

    I'm on the couch trying to relax and fall asleep. I've been experiencing some insomnia and just trying to settle in before the sun comes up. I nearly doze once or twice. So I know I'm close. Eventually I feel vibrations and I let them play out. When they subside I open my eyes and confirm that the kitchen night light is off. So I'm obviously dreaming. When I get up my legs are crossed over each other and I can't easily untangle them. So I use my hands to grab my right leg and pull my right foot over my left. Freed up I proceed toward the front door. I peak into the master bedroom hoping some interesting sexual opportunities might exist. But it's just my wife groaning and rolling over in bed. Nothing "interesting" or unusual here so I carry on and leave the house

    When I get outside I walk past the garage which is open with the lights on for some reason? I disregard this and leap in the air. I roll over and maintain a hover with my feet pointed directly into the air. I right myself and try again. I simply flap my arms to try to gain some altitude. This is only marginally successful. So I imagine artificial wings strapped to my arms and the additional air force and thrust that this would create. This is actually very successful and I begin to easily ascend. I get higher and higher. Above all the trees. When I am confronted by a roof like structure. I pass through it and rest on top of it. It's many stories in the air. And a very flimsy plastic. I walk on it and it can hardly support my weight. So I sit down. I realize my cars key fob is on my ankle pocket. So I pull it off and toss it to the ground. It flies out with a hard thud. I briefly have an oh shit moment. I better be dreaming. But of course I am. I leap and fly some more.

    To the south is a large pine, with a much larger tree next to it. It's simply massive. I fly in that direction. Now in more of a superman style as I'm more confident in my flying skills. When I land I am in awe of this massive tree. It's trunk is perhaps 10 feet wide. And it's leaves are a soft yellow. I can't identify it's specie per say? I touch it with one hand. Then is both. I close my eyes and I can feel it's energy. It's lifeforce. That is the only way to describe it. It's ancient. Hundreds of years old. And very accepting of my presence. I open my eyes and realize there is a spiral staircase overhead, attached to the tree. I walk counter clockwise and find the base of the staircase and decide to climb up.

    The spiral staircase itself is very narrow and difficult to negotiate. I go around several turns until I happen upon a room that is built into the tree. There is no doorway. Just a wide opening. I feel it would be rude to just walk in. So I knock on the stairs several times. A woman walks over and invites my in. We begin to have a dialogue. She is complaining about some work responsibility she has. Where she needs to make a presentation. She does not feel confident about it. Declaring "I'm just a woman who lives in a tree". I feel sympathy for her challenge. The dream becomes unstable and I wake

    I am back on the couch. I can distinctly hear music, but only in my left ear. It's definitely a Doors song. But one I do not recognize. I wonder where it came from, or how my brain was able to formulate a song in a style that I would not normally write in. I soon wake.

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