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    Kicked out of Heaven

    by , 09-18-2022 at 05:11 PM (244 Views)
    This was a sufficiently interesting non lucid that I felt I should share.

    Kicked out of Heaven

    I am in a house where pretty much everything is white. Most noticeably the walls and ceilings. But most other things as well (e.g. furniture). There is some food out and I help myself to something that I would not normally eat. A hotdog with sauerkraut (in WR I don't care for either). I head up some plush carpeted stairs. One of my old girlfriends from many years ago is in a red dress and walking ahead of me. She walks past a doorway. I feel compelled to open this door. It's another white room and my wife, her friend Larissa and some others are there. My wife is displeased that I am disturbing her girl time and asks me to leave. So I turn around and go back downstairs. Taking a bite of the hotdog. Which is surprisingly good as it tastes more like a sausage sandwich, which I DO happen to like.


    At first, this had the feel of ascending to heaven and getting kicked out. The more I thought about it, I feel the symbolism is much more complex than that.

    At work, I have been dealing with one particular Japanese customer for 3.5 years. We've managed to sell one 1.4 million $ tool to them. In short, with all the support we've provided them we've lost our shirts. They were supposed to be our beta customer for the new product. However that opportunity seems to be crumbling as the customer changed the requirements, and we'll never hit what they are asking for.

    Diane (ex) gave up on guys many years ago and is now with another woman. This seems to represent our Japanese customer changing their mind. I was ascending until I realized she was there. And was then rejected by my wife who otherwise has accepted me for a long time.

    Then I descended, and realized the hot dog was quite good. Which represents getting rid of this crazy ass customer and potentially finding a better opportunity.

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