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    by , 11-05-2015 at 10:56 AM (774 Views)
    earlier - iemand liet mij verschillende klassieke componisten zien

    4-11 - Wern, lsd spugen, heb je alles op? vroeg hij disappointed. Yep, manic, lol.

    5-11 - Lauren tillen, winkelstraten, zwaar, kon het redden.

    5-11 - mountaintop, ice-climbing with people/family and dad. Have no ice-boots just sport shoes. Fall a little, dangerous. Use holes of other people's boots to hold on to and climb and make holes myself to hold onto, fel like i can fall, feels comfortably safe. come to the top. lie on the peak with my belly. saw my dad there before, saw someone jump off and slide down the mountain. the peak looks like the inside ring of a tree. (dad) looks at me as if that should be obvious. i'm the only one that fits there, someone wants to get up, nobody can come up there before i slide off. i'm afraid to look down and feel like i lose the nerve to just slide off safely.

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