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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. The 4 suns

      by , 11-16-2011 at 08:21 PM

      4 Suns

      ..I stepped out of my house and started walking towards the bus stop around the corner. I did not notice that the bench was turned around from it's normal position (minor detail). I took a seat and simply enjoyed the blazing sunlight. I did not wait for the bus i was just soaking up sunlight, something i don't do often enough. I decided to get more comfortable and lied down a bit. I chilled for quite some time. Then i noticed the sun was clouded and didn't shine so brightly anymore. I still felt sun rays heating my body but it was coming from behind. I looked behind and i saw another sun there, shining brightly. That's odd, i thought. Then i heared a loud "omnipotent" authoritative voice saying : "TIME TO GET SERIOUS NOW!"
      At that point the dream got another feel. The dream gave me a scary, intense and serious vibe. I looked around. North, east, south, west. There was a sun shining in all those directions. Four in total. I stared at one for a couple of seconds, and i saw all four of them individually (Obviously, i can't look at 4 directions simultaneously, duh!). Eventually i turned to stare at the sun i was looking at originally. There was a stormcloud in front of the sun, and a fat tornado/vortex of grey clouds right in front of the sun. This is where i woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Mom, we have visitors

      by , 11-09-2011 at 02:05 PM

      This dream is a little vague because i think i woke up in a false awakening afterwards cus i turned my alarm on in the middle of the night, but in the morning it was still off. Probably why i only remembered this when i meditated after i woke up for real.

      I am sitting on a couch in my house with slightly different furniture. My whole family is there , (mom,dad my sister and 2 dogs) . We seem to have guests tho, there are two humanoid aliens sitting on the couch with us. I don't recall that they said a single word they just sat there with us. I don't quite recall their appearance either, they where definetly human looking but overobviously alien, cus of probably green/blue faces. Perhaps their hair looks more like greyish coral.

      I was really excited, i remember thinking and talking with my family saying stuff like "how the hell is this possible" and "how are we going to explain this to the rest of the world that we have 2 aliens in our own house." etc. etc.

      Woke up, most likely in a FA (but... was pretty sure it was in real life because of the feel i had when i woke up and how tired i was feeling before i slipped into unconsciousness)

      Yesterday i dreamed of a women i haven't seen in a while and i wrote down some weird things in my DJ that i can't recall or make much sense of. Today i dreamed of her again and i was notified that she or someone in immediate surroundings is terribly sick..
    3. Snipercamping , Invitation , Blue stardisk

      by , 11-04-2011 at 05:21 PM
      3/4-11-2011 .

      4 awakenings in the night, very light sleep no real lucidity.

      #1. France
      I was back on the farm in france. I was doing labor when I saw a woman on a hill, she looked like she was in distress. I thought she was being attacked by animals or something. I remember being in her house talking about what happened and she basically said there was nothing wrong, she was just doing some work.
      Later i was talking to the guy who owns the farm, Jack. I was telling him about the woman and how i thought she was being attacked. I can't speak french that well anymore tho so i had a lot of trouble trying to speak my mind. I was aware of not being here in a long time. I decided not to waste time and just speak english.

      #2. Sniping
      The environment was dark and futuristic. Like an Unreal Tournament sniper/camping map. I believe there was a border that defined the area of play. I was hiding on low ground. I followed a guy I know, S. I wanted to shoot him. We where on low-ground and he moved up a metal platform/elevator. It went way high up in the sky and I lost him.
      I was still standing on ground-level and i noticed a balcony up high. There was a blue guy that spotted me. He tried to snipe me down but missed a lot. I shot back and after a 20 second shoot-out i killed him. I went up the elevator and moved to the edges of the map.

      I was sniping in a very dark spot, on a hill. There was a tower i was hiding behind and I lied in the grass looking for frags. Things got weird tho and I moved back to ground-level or i fell there. I was still lying in the grass but on the ground without cover I was easy to spot. I was scoping on S and his mate who where walking over a playground. I didn't shoot them because I was being nice. I thought i was hiding well, but then S yelled something to the extent of : "How's it hanging! Aren't u gonna shoot me?" . I thought shit, if they can see me everyone can i better find a new hiding place. And i woke up.

      #3. Invitation
      The environment was a 5vs5 video game in a forest at first. I was with my 4 teammates standing together looking at pieces of paper that looked like formal invitations! I was holding a red piece of expensive paper and perhaps some ribbon was nailed in the top corner. There was a button you could click and when you did that ur character would change into a minitiature aerial vehicle of sorts. I clicked it and mine was a small spaceship. If i'd move around the spaceship would leave trails of rainbow colours behind. (Everyone had something but i forgot what the others where)
      During this, the environment shifted to a large clothes store. Further maneuver made it obvious that it was also a high school. And probably a whole lot more things.
      I was moving around the clothes store and i noticed a woman going around her business. I thought i'd suprise her with my new toy and turn into a spaceship in front of her and fly around her. This time I was holding a white invitation and tried to press some of the letters to turn into a spaceship again. But nothing happened. I didn't realize i was using a wrong piece of paper until later on when i went to do some business in the school area. I looked into my pockets and found out that the red invitation was right there.

      #4. Blue stardisk
      There was a dream scenario beforehand that involved some competition with a fella and apperantly I won. Or that's what i thought when i was standing outside and looked at the night-sky. I peered into space and my attention was grabbed by a bright blue star. As i was looking at this the star slowly transformed into a disk. It got much bigger in size , getting much lengthier and a little broader. (The longer side was vertical and it only grew a little horizontally) While i was watching this I heared a loud ringing noise and my brain got pressured immensely. (most likely my forehead, tho i don't remember) It got so intense that i woke up from that eventually.


      K, some personal thoughts on dream #3 and #4. It's interesting to note that i was looking up and hearing stories about aliens and ancient humanoids coming from the Sirius system just before i went to sleep that night. I was so inspired and awe-struck that i had in mind i was going to attempt to make contact with Sirius if i happen to be lucid. In reality i am also bored with this planet and i'd rather live in interstellar space. Not this crappy isolated earth. So i wished for some more aliens to come into my life and see how life treats them and learn learn learn.

      Anyway, i am inclined to interpret the dream as a calling heared and a clear message. Dream #3 had the symbolism of an Invitation that is associated with a spaceship.
      Maybe my calls have been heared and I am hereby given an invitation to initiate me into their galactic civilization. I guess if this is true it should be evident in dreams later on because i'd gladly accept their invitation.

      About dream #4 it is a little harder to interpret. But since i thought about Sirius before bed it could have been the Sirius star giving me a sign. The symbolism of a disk i don't understand. It was definetly a disk, not a sphere. But it could go both ways i guess. To make a comparison it looks a lot like our galaxy if you'd view it from the side.
      A disk shape looks a lot like the UFOs depicted in hollywood. It could be the dream "telling me" that UFOs sighted come from Sirius. Or that the invitation i got earlier was coming from Sirius. Or it could be something else entirely, perhaps something more cosmic. Or nothing at all. I've found atleast ONE dreamer who also had a dream about a dark blue disk in the sky.
      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    4. Lion king

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:03 AM
      on 21-10 23:30 - 2:30 on 22-10.

      There was a guy in this complex that did something to hurt a cat and a dog. I went to investigate outside. There was a forested area and in between some bushes I found a dog there and a cat lying against the dog. They where seeking shelter there in the cold. I was really pissed about this because somehow this guy was involved in abandoning the animals or hurting them in some way. I went on to confront the fella. I think i did some shadowy moves where I stalked him while he was walking with dark tentacles harassing him all the time.

      ^This part was in the beginning i don't quite remember.

      Later on i went into his room while he wasn't there. I went to lie in his bed and watch tv. There was a little lion cub in the room. It looked quite adorable, but i ignored it. The guy came home and i confronted him again. This time i wasn't angry anymore and i just listened to what he had to say and basically made up him. My hands where under the sheet and he reached out his fist to give a fist-"thump" . I was like whatever and our fists touched.

      I wasn't beneath the sheets anymore and this guy phaseshifted into a lionness and went to lie down in the bed. The cub was still on the floor.

      Then i told him i'm going to ignore what he said (dunno how our conversation went but apparently there was a reason for the animals in the forest ) and retrieve the animals. I stood up and walked towards the door then i heared a growl behind me and looked behind and i saw the lion angrily growling. I said relax, i'm not going to hurt you i'm just gonna get the animals. To no avail. It occured to me that lions don't understand human languange.
      Then the lion pounced toward me and started biting in my flesh. I tried resisting, then he went on to bite where my hamstring is. I could feel teeth passing trough my flesh and felt my bones slowly crushing. When i resisted more, the baby cub came also and bit me in the same leg. I was getting desperate and I screamed out for help. Something about this made them have less of a hold of me, and i was able to walk out the door. There's about 10 rooms there and people where standing outside their doors trying to see what's going on.
      There was this girl, that is a supervisor or sorts and she was riding a wheel-chair riding towards me lookin very casual like nothing is wrong. Things went haywire in my mind , i coulden't understand the situation i was in. Then i woke up. With the lyrics to Johnny Cash - God's gonna cut you down looping in my mind.

      I went back to sleep and proceeded to have lovely dreams.

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    5. Aya, girls, little thuggers.

      by , 10-13-2011 at 10:24 AM
      Deep dreams where weird tonight. Holy craps.

      Huasca castle.

      I was busy brewing aya. Made 3x3 washes and remembered i forgot to soak em beforehand. I guess i drank the aya because i ended up in a Castle. I had the distinct deja vu feeling of being here before. Either i just dreamed of going there twice because my memory is flawed, but there where loads of games/tracks in this castle. They where very difficult and intense. I remembered the last time i went on the main track i made it 75% of the way before time ran out. I was asked to perform or to be the lead man on this track because there are loads of people doing the same track. I thought it would be easy since i almost made it the last time. don't remember being on the track.
      The whole dream/scenery was a weird mix of Takeshi's Castle and Unreal Tournament bunnytrack. There was a black kind of wannabee gangster guy from school there. He just laughs at me, the fucker.

      In a later, different dream i was in a small tunnel. Kind of reminded me of my intestines in retrospect. I think there where people there. And i was supposed to travel trough the tunnel and come back. I did this routine a bunch of times. Then there was a hole and i jumped in it and here i either woke up or i just don't remember.

      I was riding bycicles with guys. We planned on visiting a carnival somewhere. But we ended up in a really big hotel. With loads and loads of girls all around the place. I remember running trough the hallways having fun and stuff. I don't remember much else but at some point we went to my room with a whole bunch of people. And i was sitting on my chouch and someone put music on, i put some tunes on aswell. I was sitting there and i was very interested in one specific girl. And i was having one girl on my left arm and one on my right arm. I don't quite remember how they looked but i know that one of them had small titties and the other one had medium sized. (ofc, THIS i do remember. )

      Later on I was at my niece's house. With her friends and girlfriends. There was one really sweet (young) looking girl that i caught staring at me a lot. She didn't say much the entire time but when we where in the kitchen together i talked a bit and asked her how old she was, i thought she was 16. She said noo no i'm just 13. then i grabbed her anyway and gave her a kiss on the mouth. No tongue just normal kisses. It was really cute.

      Skater kids
      I was in another town, it was dark in the evening but there where loads of street lights to luminate the place. I was skating or riding a bike and i noticed a woman on the other side of the street simply passing by. I was riding behind a policewoman on a horse. I did my best to avoid the crap that came out of the horse. It was going a bit slow so i passed her by. Eventually i made it to a hill just above a lake. I was definetly skateboarding here and i might have accidantilly ran over a kid that was also skateboarding. His skateboard fell in the water and he wanted me to go grab it. The hell was freakishly dangerous and u could easily slip and fall on rocks. I tried to climb on the ledge down and asked the kid not to stand on the hell else he might fall. He was stubborn and refused. I realized i coulden't climb down and we walked around to go down. The kid was about 12 year old and we talked a bit. He said he smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol. Dumb kids i thought, already doing all the wrong things. Two of his friends joined us and they where really cool and funny. That's all i remember tho.
    6. Chit-chat

      by , 10-09-2011 at 10:03 AM
      An old friend came by and we hung out, went to some bar. And checked out some hippies or something outside. And Seroquel tried to convince me to get on chat.
    7. Shifting dimensions

      by , 09-24-2011 at 11:19 AM
      I had a really messed up dream where this girl's boyfriend was messing with me. And in a public restroom he pissed all over me. And i woke up. This made me furious that i didn't fight him or something. And i'm still angry, so i imagined fighting him and this might have influenced the next dream.

      I wake up in a room i've never been before. It's normal tho , i'm living here or im sleeping over. I get up slowly and walk inside the living room and there's a lot of people and a few familiair faces. S, N and T are there. This is some kind of going away party for Tim. We all socialize and then it's time for Tim to leave.
      I noticed N also packed her stuff and i say , "Ooh, is she also going away?" and sam replies , "Ofcourse silly, u know that." Oh.. right.

      There's a car waiting outside and we stood there for a while. And in a later fragment i still remember we where inside and they where departing. I think i was gay in this dream cus i kissed Tim on the cheek and giggled while he was walking out the door. Tim barely responded and walked out.

      There are people all standing besides me , a lot of guys. And a guy next to me tells me i make him nervous. i say, "Well, yea. I make everyone nervous." Later the situation got more messy and people wanted to fight me. I give out really hard punches and fought with a bunch of guys. I destroyed them all. I was really angry. (I don't remember but i can still feel the sensation of my fist hitting hard skulls)

      Later i woke up in my own room. My whole body vibrating but i was not paralyzed or fearful. I have my phone in my hand and my subconscious/spirit guide is giving me texts. The text said, "Ur neighbour wants to know about paralell dimensions" and while i was reading this a man's voice in the other room was loudly repeating what i just read and some more that i coulden't understand. I figured i had to say something back about paralell dimensions but i have no voice again. I can only squeal.

      I'm still vibrating and i wake up again with my eyes closed. I heared kids laughing outside and i feel myself screaming. The scream is incredibly loud and kids started screaming fearfully outside. Then it turned back to laughter and this would happen a few times. I'm still vibrating for a few minutes and my eyes are moving rapidly. But i have no hallucinations. I wanted to open my eyes and see if i could spot ghosts but i was afraid i might ruin the SP. I opened them half and i could see my room and in my perephical vision i would see a bunch of cables/tubes. I close my eyes and try to remember my lucid goals.
      The first thing that pops up is fly, i want to fly. Then i think where do i want to fly to and i remember the moon. I wanna fly to the moon. (There was this feeling of blasphemy.) Then i remembered i wanted to go to chichen-itza. But there was no dream scene forming. The vibrating slows down and my body is still asleep. I lay there for about 15 minutes until i get bored and decide to turn on the computer.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Midget golf and Philosopher stoned.

      by , 09-21-2011 at 05:43 PM
      Dreamed of being in a supermarket. I had no money so i had to steal some shit. I stuffed all my pockets, both outside and inside full of things. Everything was sticking out. I had a big can of beans or something that was coming out of my open jacket. There where 5 or 6 cash registers. I kept trying to walk past the one most close to the wall. But there was this girl there that kept noticing me. She was to nice to call the cops or something so she said ; "Do you have an ID?" I was like, "No.." "Then you can't go past here!" . Fuck! I walk back and every 5 minutes or so i try again with no success. Eventually i took everything out of my pockets and put it on the conveyer belt.

      Eventually i'm somewhere else with Inge. Sitting across her on a lengthy wooden outside dinner table. Inside a building. Talking face to face. I wanted to ask her out so i said let's go midget-golfing !
      She was okay with that, and she mentioned she's a Personal Coach.. And because of that is the only reason we are allowed to do midget-golfing without having to pay any money (guess i was still broke)

      So we went midget-golfing. This was also inside. She showed her Personal Coach penny to her and the receptionist let us both in without payment. Phew, we got in. And we played midget-golf.
      The place looked more like a line in an amusement park or something. But we had clubs and there where holes non-theless. But i don't remember any fancy statues or funny stuff that you see around midget-golfs courts. There where like 20 courts and at about the 7th-10th Inge grabbed her phone and started texting me. I thought it was weird i'm right here. But i let her type out a message and i read it. The first text said something about time. Like : "Are you having a good time. Or time is running out fast i have to go." My reply was : "Time goes fast when ur having fun"
      Then she sent me one more text that said "Aus!"
      I was like, wtf.. But within seconds i woke up and it was 7 AM. 1 minute later someone knocked on my door to wake me up. How did the dream know i had to wake up? Weird.


      In a nap today, like 1-2 hours. I was with my dad somewhere. Then we where talking about something and out of nowhere Philosopher Stoned from this forum appears. Hah!!
      He was a young looking bloke with a medium/heavy build. And he had a white beard. I was a lil intimidated to see him in person.
      Wow! I didn't know u lived in holland, and in my own town. That's so weird i said.
      Well yea, it's a strange world. I told him something about magic mushrooms but PS was kicking my ass in every debate. I didn't have shit to say lol, and i didn't understand all the words he was using. He was really quite serious , but he laughed at me. I went to the back of the room and left him with my dad. And suddenly PS was gone and only my dad was there.
      I asked : "Where did PS go?". And my dad replied : "I'm PS". WTF!!!!! That's not possible. And i started thinking about dreamviews. Could it be that my dad was him all the time luring me into debates. No way my dad is that smart. But maybe.. If he studied behind my back it's possible. Hmm.. Then i said out loud. "No way, this must be a dream. This is impossible." My dad said nothing but stare at me and laugh.. I was mindfucked and confused and in no time i was back in my bed. Only when i felt the texture of my pillow and sheet did i really understand what was going on. Sheize.
    9. girls ,girls ,girls

      by , 09-20-2011 at 03:33 PM
      I spend a few hours with an old friend and his buddy on a chouch. It was boring as shits. We where in some appartement and outside was a pretty big plaza. We went outside a few times and came back. Maybe we went to the supermarket or something.
      This whole time they had to pick some girl up. When we did pick the girl up we didn't even leave the appartement. There was a small window in the back of the room. When we opened the window and looked into it there was a kitchen room with a large dinner table and a whole bunch of girls walking around and cooking and stuff.
      This girl was there lol, and she climbed up trough the window into our appartement.

      When my old friend's buddy left the tension was kinda gone and M started talking. While i was still bored. He said, can you go let urself completely go? Scream or something. I said sure just let me put up a tool album. We where sitting behind a computer and i magically made a tool song appear. And this song.. It was really good and it was definetly tool. But i NEVER heared this song before! (maybe it's from the unreleased album lol!) M understood what kicks me off.

      Then suddenly we went back to the attic window. And literally like 30 girls came climbing trough the window into the appartement room and started dancing. All equally pretty girls lol. I was still bored and just stood there. Then this girl came up to me and asked ; "are you 6 or something?" I said. "no..."
      "Ofcourse not." She replied. "But doesn't this make you horny or something." I said "sure, but what am i to do. "

      Don't remember much more. Slept for 15 hours . ^^
    10. long night.

      by , 08-16-2011 at 03:26 PM
      Went to bed at 5 am put alarm at 10 am. I woke up naturally on 8 am. Still tired, headache and i didn't recall a thing. Then i did nomad's trance recall and i remembered fragments from this lucid dream i just had. :O

      Dream #1

      I recall myself doing very short mantras last night. And visualizing practice. I kind of recall doing a reality check in my dream while riding a bike. Took me about 2 minutes to determin if i was actually dreaming or not. I went flying. At first i fell like i was gonna fall but then i just remembered to float instead of fly and it worked. I flew around little houses . I remember being on the ground again and prowling around looking for stuff to do. I climbed over a wall into a backyard and as i was doing that i was thinking if sex would really be the same in a dream. The last thing i remember is that there was a naked girl with tiny titties sitting across of me. She gave me instructions on what to do. She said, touch my right boob like this and say Yes. If you touch my left boob like this you have to say No. And you have to say it like this ; Noooooooooooooo.
      I touched her left boob and said Noooooooo. And i woke up. i think.

      Went back to bed after a shower. fragments again.
      Dream #2

      I was riding my bike and i ran into my friend's dad Hassan who was also riding a bike. He told me "It's about time you get a job already. You can come work at my place we need you there." I said "now? I'm just headed to school right now i can't go with you."
      He hesitated and said well it's up to you but we could really use you. I said fine. Nevermind school let's go. I was still contemplating in my mind if i really wanted to do this cus he does have a big restaurant now and they almost only serve meat products. Not sure if i'm up for frying them all day.
      Anyway i joined him and the next thing i recall is riding my bike coming from the restaurant's direction towards school. I thought i was with Hassan riding besides me but when i'm thinking of this scene i remember a really big and broad black man riding besides me. Possibly with sunglasses.
      There was something really cool about this guy and when i was riding on the Boschdijk there where youth's from school walking around the sidewalks and i saw a lot of people looking at him in awe.

      I remember fragments of being at school once. Taking a seat in the middle of the class. Alone.
      I was at home and i was telling my mom about my dream with Hassan. I said that he got a job for me. Even tho i only dreamed it im pretty sure he really wants me to work there.

      Then i remember going into class again. We where outside going into a Bus. Our classroom was located in a bus. (not 100% sure.. but i think so, atleast something like a bus) I went to sit next to Inge. One seat behind where i sat last time. Atleast i thought i was going to sit next to her cus then i realized i sat next to another girl and Inge was sitting next to her.
    11. Alien, paragliding.

      by , 08-06-2011 at 12:02 PM

      Lately, the only fragments i remember are of impossible proportions. That's why i don't write these dreams down. When i wake up from this shit, i only remember something impossible and unexplainable happens. Somethings that aren't in the dictionairy. No point in writing it down.
      It's like the shit is so complex as soon as i wake up i can't remember it because my mind would go overload.
      Anyway this morning i remembered some vibes of the dream.

      I am an alien in my dream. And i'm finding out things about humans. And i do impossible shit. I remember in this dream that i cut myself in slices. And becoming all those slices of myself or something weird. I feel like i'm doing shit that only salvia can do to you in these dreams.


      ... I'm walking in a forested area. It's dark and the moon shines dimly. I'm on a field trip or something. 60 or so people are walking in front of me. In pairs or families. Including my girl neighbour and her family. I'm with my parents. Everybody was wearing orange raincoats or something.

      The whole area had a magical vibe to it. I think i recall candles are lit everywhere we walk.

      We are at the top of a really high tower. Way above the clouds. Everybody jumped out of the tower with their paragliding things. Red . My parents go together before me. And i'm the very last to jump.

      "Great! Everybody got instructions on how to use this thing and i'm just left here to handle it myself"
      "How does this work?" I look and i find a button. Ah! That must be it. I jump!
      As soon as i jumped i already pushed the button. The red paragliding thing comes out.
      I'm gliding. So fast, this feels so good. I leaned too much down and i rocketed. I ask my parents how do u steer this thing. And my dad says ; "Just act like ur fucking!"
      Oh yeah ofcourse! I lean backwards and steering is easy. I let myself feel the adrenaline and wind in my face. It feels so good. I understood now why you really need to do this first in order to know how it feels. It's just unexplainable if u haven't done it. Mid-air i'm keeping my eyes closed for some reason. Kinda scared i guess. I knew i was about to hit the grass. And i land. Blissfully.
      Boy, that was fucking great!
      Then my dad says our neighbour-girl said she didn't like it and said it was boring. I'm pissed! Boring?? wtf's wrong with the girl. I can't allow that.
      I take my bow and arrow and i shoot towards her. Steady. Aim. Fire! I turn into the projectile arrow and i shoot myself into the sky. Flew a bunch of feet. My pointed head hitting the ground. And i wake up.

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    12. wtf

      by , 07-13-2011 at 04:23 PM
      I think i recall dreaming about a TV talkshow. And they where hosting Shared dreamers to come tell their shared dream experiences on TV.

      Took a nap this morning.

      I dreamed i was in a park talking to people. I was thinking about lucid dreaming and i hopped on my bike to ride away. Then i noticed this huge billboard sign saying : "NOTHING BEATS LUCID DREAMING, DV FORUM"

      I'm like.. wow how didn't i notice that sign. I guess lucid dreaming is getting populair if there are billboards like that noawadays. Wait a minute ! I pinch my nose and i'm able to breathe.
      But fuck.. i'm back in my bed. I was vaguely aware of that the whole time actually. Seeing both scenes at the same time. I didn't bother pinching my nose in bed. I was pretty sure i woke up. I just tried to get back in the dream, without success.
    13. useless

      by , 07-05-2011 at 09:49 AM
      My alarm clock is useless... i set it at ~5-6 hours after sleep practically every single night.. Guess what, i always wake up after full sleep and the alarm rarely shows it even went off. what a bunch of crap.

      Fragments ; dunno, i think i recall a stone bench. and a brick wall. I might or might not have been bouncing on top/over this wall. Someone or myself might have called me Bright eyed and crazy. I take that as a compliment.

      Some really stupid shit where i wake up in the middle of the night. Dream of looking out my window at passer-by's. Even tho i was consious about being in bed.. i didn't think it was at all strange that i was looking trough a window with my eyes closed. no lucidity here.

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    14. f8ckprivacy

      by , 06-25-2011 at 06:20 PM
      Talking with a girl bout bisexuality. She has a girlfriend i know that . And i asked her if she's a lesbian or if she goes both ways. She answered something but i forgot. I got kind of comfortable with her and i sat close to her so we touched a little bit. (i mean we touched out arms !! i do . ) i liked ^^, as close as im gonna get with her, cus she's lesbian and all.
      She said something about the sex being difficult. Because one is doing all the work while the other one is just lying down. That's always so unfair and we fight about who'se turn it is now. haha.

      I almost forgot to write notes down about this dream but i'm glad i did. I just can not for the life of me imagine i'm talking to a lifeless dream character in dreams like this. Such a personality and cleverness in her just like she is normally, she has to be more than just a DC. She is a recurring character in my dreams and i like having her in my dreams. I think these are either shared dreams or she is a VERY GOOD representation of herself in real life. Since i don't really talk to her that much i've gotten to know her real well just by dreaming of her. More than i could ever know....

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    15. 25-6

      by , 06-25-2011 at 01:46 PM
      must.. rembember.. more dreams..

      recurring dream about a girl on msn without her boyfriend name in it.. it's like the 6th time now or so.

      some guy made mushroom tea, said it failed so he gave it to me. i drank it, tasted like mushrooms.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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