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    Oh god nightmares

    by , 07-03-2015 at 01:44 PM (475 Views)
    Fight my dad in a car. He's being annoying again and i'm fed up. Call him all sorts of evil and lose my voice every single time he reacts. Want to call more names but can't. He locks me in. He holds my hands. At some point he tried to make up with me and I distrust him.

    He: Give me ur hands, let's make peace.
    I: No, show me what's in them first

    I see tiny hooked knives in them. He grabs my hands and hooks them in. I feel pain, lose my voice. Have no strength.


    My little nefue is with me upstairs in the bathroom. He get's called from down and he's so excited and runs to the stairs. I think of the danger, I want to ask if I should pick him up but I am doubting and he's already running; Step, step, step step. So fast no control. Half the stairs he falls down and makes 3 flip flaps before he falls flat face on the ground seeminly unconscious. My sister comes to check on him, talks to him, asks him ; Is this Dwight's fould? .. No it isn't he says... he get's up his face is completely like in the movie face-off. Red and bloody. But very fake. He talks to me and is very nice to me saying I should not feel guilty etc.

    I tell my sister what happened and that I could prevent it. She remains blank.

    My family. My bigger nefue, his little brother that doesn't exist and his sister that is from another uncle are all one family. They say they will get married if their mom and dad don't drive together to my family next time they visit. This little brother was very chill to me. A beautiful little girl walks past me. sits in front of me. I feel she fancies me to. Do not talk.

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