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    1. 446 Words--Continued High Recall Without Many Dips

      by , Yesterday at 04:36 PM
      Dream 1: I am viewing a girl run through the woods in the log house. FSH She is now in a riverbed when a flash flood strikes. The waters quickly rise about 30 feet, as she jumps up tree logs and stuff to get very high in a tree. The waters get super high but don't reach her. She then see a rock pile and realizes she would have been safe there. The water is covering most of the rock pile, but about three feet of the rock is poking out of the water. There is also a waterfall about 20 feet in front of the tree, and the water goes off the waterfall in sort of waves. The first wave reduces the water level about 15 feet. The next wave leaves the ground by the edge of the waterfall showing, and the third waves leaves the ground showing by the base of the tree. The girl suddenly is me though I am still myself, not a girl. Then there is this person, Dez from Janitors, who has a long branch and is trying to poke me so that I fall out of the tree. When he sticks his branch at me, I grab some of the branches and brake them off, so that soon he can't poke me. However, he just grabs another branch and starts again, and I realize that breaking off branches does no good, especially as it hurts my hands. FSH I got from the tree and am now by Copernicus pond. FSH I have traveled from Copernicus pond to the gate by our driveway. There are a bunch of people there, and a lot of camping chairs as well. Underneath the camping chairs legs are these sack of flour. I have my metal sword in my hand and wack them until they aren't showing any more, and are totally compressed underneath the chair, except a few ones at the end are sticking out a few inches, but I am tired of doing it, so I don't bother to get them. I then jump in the air and slash ones of the bags, but it is empty so it just looked weird. Milena is nearby, and I tell her that I was just trying to cut off the empty end bag, which I stuff into a camping chair that is in front of me. The camping chair is also sort of my backpack, which I declare to be ready for the contest/mission/quest that I and some other young men are going on.

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    2. 791 Words--Very Low Awearness Lucid

      by , 06-16-2018 at 03:14 PM
      Dream 1: I am in the big office building, where Dad is supposedly working. FSH However, I need to get to the Blazer, which is in the parking lot, but there are some bad people trying to get me. FSH I go towards an exit that is west, and get out of the door. I am now in the south west parking lot, and I suddenly have my skates on. I skate over to the other edge of the parking lot, and I can see the bad guys on the sidewalk on the office side of the road.

      I need to get past them, so I cross the road and go down the other sidewalk, hoping the dark night will help counteract the street lamp. However, as I zoom down the sidewalk, I can see I have been spotted. Then, as usual, when I am being chased, I am no longer able to skate very well, and I accidentally run onto the ground. I quickly dash behind a large tree, but now a gang of about 10 kids are surrounding me, and threatening to throw stones at me.

      One of them comes around the edge of the tree, so I spring into him, knocking him to the ground, and dash off. A few stones come whistling by, but I don't get hit. I am still having trouble skating properly, but am able to navigate the parking lot at about the speed of a run. The boys follow and as I skate by, I try to pick up on of the stones that was thrown at me, but it is somehow a giant stone now that is too heavy. I skate across the parking lot, heading around the corner into the front/north parking lot where the Blazer is. I cast a glance behind me and see about four boys following me, so I throw a stone at them, catching the middle boy right in the face.

      I then seem to be protecting a younger girl and boy who have appeared and lead them towards the Blazer. Then, we are at the Blazer, but Dad hasn't come out yet, so we are still locked out. Not wanting the boys to trash the Blazer, I tell the boy and girl that the white truck next to the Blazer is my car, and we just have to wait for Dad to come. Just then, the ringleader steps around the corner and tries to intimidate me, (the boy and girl are kind of out of the picture now), but I grab him around the throat and choke him.

      Just then, Dad appears, and I, no longer wearing my skates, drop the boy who lies motionless on the ground and get into the car. Then, we drive away, but can hear police sirens, and we pass a bunch of police cars and stuff with lights.

      Then we come to this police gate, but it is closed. Dad says how we are too close to the scene. I ask Dad if I will be in trouble for smashing one of the kid's face in with a rock, and he says I might. But, suddenly the scene shifts and we are driving down the road, having gotten through the police gate, and I am not in trouble.

      Dream 2: FSH I am tickling Ceri in the living room of strange house. She laughs lots, but then Mom comes by and tells me that I have to go do something. I tell her just a sec, and give Ceri one last tickle. FSH Canyon squirts me with water so I pick her up, and then hold her under the water spigot on the west side of the log house. FSH Canyon gets me wet again, so I get her wet under the spigot again. FSH Milena gets me wet, so I hold her under the spigot as well. However, I then briefly wonder, I am so wet, will I be wet when I wake up and get out of bed, because it has happened before. I then imagine getting out of bed soaking wet. However, it doesn't bloom into nice very aware lucidity, and a moment later I am firmly back in the dream, getting Milena wet under the spigot. FSH I am in the bathroom and Dad is leaning against the far wall. There is some strange space between the shower and the toilet where there are mops and other janitorial equipment. I ask Milena something about where something goes, but at first she doesn't hear me. FSH

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    3. 576 Words--Camping

      by , 06-15-2018 at 04:16 PM
      Dream 1:FSH I am camping with the others, but somehow needed to go back for something? FSH I arrived at the camping spot near dark, in a red truck. I then attach this little tent thing to the back of the truck, stuff a giant bean bag under, add my blanket, and tuck in. FSH

      Dream 1: I am camping with Dad, Slade, Wynd, and Milena. We have just arrived at our destination, a tropical like lake, high in the mountains. Milena wades into the shallow part of the lack, and picks up a rock, intending to throw it onto this giant, half-finished dam, but Dad yells at her to put it down. Then, we are all in wading in the water, and Dad wants us to pick up all the rocks and throw them out on the shore, but Wynd picks up a rock, zips over to the dam at supersonic speed, adds her rock to the dam, and is back. All us kids then decide that yes, we should help build the dam, not just throw them out to the side.

      Then, I am by Dad and I feel something by the back of my knee. What's on my leg, I ask? What's on my foot, Dad asks? Dad guesses it is a spider, so we hop out onto the bank and dad pulls a spider off him. I don't find a spider, though I do find several gnats flying around. I then spot a little 3 foot dock, and on the boards, is an eye.

      Even as I watch, another eye appears, and there is a small turtle like creature with giant eyes looking at me. It creeps me out and I want to smash it, but Dad says to check underneath it, in case it is really a giant animal I might make angry. He also tells me to make sure that the hole I make in the wood is covered. I select a somewhat heavy flat rock, and take it over to the eyeball animal. I stand up unto some cobwebs though, and hurriedly brush them off myself, realizing that this is a dangerous tropical place with bad things all over the place.

      Then I throw the rock at the eyeball animal as hard as I can, but it just bounces off. FSH I am have these cobwebs on me and slash at them to get free. FSH I run from the eyeball animal but it follows after me, now a kind of rabbit creature that is shooting a high-tech, gun with blue energy bullets. I run around the lake on this trail, and doge the energy beams.

      Around the corner, I go through some bushes to try and not get hit, though I know that I really should have been shot. Then, I am on the long stretch, and try to jump in the water to escape, but it is only a few inches deep. I then beg the animal thing not to hurt me, as I walk back towards the others, it shoots me with the gun on low, and I get these red bump things all over my back. The others are drinking orange juice, and sitting in camping chairs and I flop into the dust on their feet, a little hurt, but alive.

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    4. 375 Words--Second FA Ever!

      by , 06-14-2018 at 03:25 PM
      Dream 1: FSH Something about the lettering on the LCD screen of my LDA being are garbled and messed up so that it didn't work. FSH

      Dream 2:
      (Continued through other dreams) I am fighting a lot, and for like hours I just fight, though there is other stuff mixed in with other people. FSH But I remember the whole fight was tainted by Janitors, and some of the people in the book were there, especially Daisy. There was too much action for me to remember what happened, and the only part I remember clearly, is being at the tip top of a snowy mountain and this agent guy reading a list out of stuff we have to pay for cuz we bought or trashed during the giant fight. I read the first three lines and remembered they said: Alaska, AK-198, Grandpa is a doctor and you shouldn't be having these hospital bills.

      Dream 3: RBFA There are all these people sitting on bleachers and I feel that something is wrong, so I get up and walk over to this machine that looks kinda like my 3D Printer, but checks how much trash you are. I looked at the readings, and I was like 98% trash, so I ran to a machine at the other end which checked how trustable you are and it started to go, the bar filled up about 68% and had a list of how many wolves trusted me, and finished up, I think I was like 68 or 88 percent trustable. I knew then that there was something wrong, so I ran and got First Officer Riker and we went to the machine area which was right outside a bathroom. We went into the bathroom, and looked for a hole or something not right. Riker went to the end wall and I saw some funny bricks I thought might be it, but was distracted when Ricker started swinging back and forth on this metal sheet that was attached to the wall. I then realized he must have fond the hole, and my vision zoomed in onto a small hill, and then I awoke.

      Dream 4: RBFA FSH I had an FA about writing my dreams I think. FSH

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    5. 12 Words--My First FA

      by , 06-13-2018 at 05:52 PM
      Dream 1: I wake up FSH Canyon's document files are deleted FSH.

      I woke up 2.4 hours after bed as usual, wacked my LDAC to stop the alarm, and then lay in bed recalling my dream. I then, had and FA about getting up and writing down my dream, because when I woke up in the morning, I saw my notebooks was blank! Unfortunately, I forgot what I wrote down, but was still very surprised not to see my notes from last night. From now on, I need to always do an RC when I write my dreams down.

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    6. 611 Words--Continued Great Recall

      by , 06-12-2018 at 03:42 PM
      Dream 1: I am in M&D's room in the log house, and Slade and I are rough housing, FSH he chases me into the bathroom, and when I try to escape, I accidentally hit him hard in the face with a board or something. He stops moving and I say I am sorry, but I know he will want to punch me or something, so I run. I follows me but slowly. I come to the garage where Wynd is sweeping, and decided to hide outside. I go down the path Slade made through the giant thorn bushes, but I have trouble going quickly, and Slade catches up.

      Knowing I won't be able to run fast enough to escape him, I dive into the bushes and try to worm through them, but he catches me. FSH Slade and I are at this tree near the end of his trail, and we watch as about 15 wolf cubs play around us. I see some wolf cubs compressed to the size of a mouse, flattened against the bottom of the tree's trunk. When I investigate, all but two expand to the size of a wolf and run away. I really want to kick one of the mice/wolf cubs, and ask Slade if I should. FSH I end up kicking the higher up one, and I runs of growling/squealing.

      Suddenly, I seem to realize that one doesn't normally be around wolf especially cubs who have parents. I get afraid and tell everyone they should go back, but no one does, so I walk back on the trail to the house alone. Near the other end of it, I meet Wynd, and tell her how I kicked the mouse/wolf cub, and we look back and see the whole pack of wolves turn like horses and go running down the meadow. Then I go inside and make sure all the doors and windows are locked. FSH

      Dream 2: I am in the living room of the Colorado house, and all the kids are there, and Mom & Dad are lecturing us. I have a stomach ache? I am weary of the talk, and walk downstairs as if to go to the bathroom, but instead go outside, through the garage, following Ceri with the intent to help her our here. First I pick up the trashcan, which had fallen over, and put it inside the garage. Then Ceri comes in and asks why I put the trashcan in the garage, and I realize it isn't supposed to be there, so I take it back outside, noticing that I have skates on, and pick up stuff and put it in it.

      FSH Dad come out with some other kids to help clean up. I know he wants to do something with a big piece of cardboard that has some blue glue bits on it (from when Dad and I in real life fixed a broken piece of PVC pipe in the sprinkler system). So I pull the stuff off the top of the cardboard, just before Dad asks me to. Then, he tells me how he is thinking about mopping up a giant paint mess with the cardboard, but then decides to use some special vacuum thing, which I don't' like.

      Dream 3: OTTOTT FSH Something about skating around the church parking lot.

      Dream 4: FSH Something about waking up, perhaps on a bench, and dejavu.

      Dream 5: FSH Something about not being able to see very well because I don't have my contacts in.

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    7. 320 Words--War! Again!

      by , 06-11-2018 at 03:33 PM
      Dream 1: /(1:48 am) FSH Sitting on a bench with another guy, having a contest for waking up and remembering your dream. FSH I think that I win, but also sense some dejavu like it has happened lots before. Also remembered something hazy about an earlier part with Jen FSH, obviously induced by the book, Janitors I was reading last night. I think the first scene might have been my body wanting me to get up cuz it had been 2.4 hours.

      Dream 2: RBFA-3 FSH I am taking notes on Janitor stuff. FSH

      Dream 3: I am with some people, maybe Saxon and Milena, and we are on one side in a war. There was this guy who was supposed to be in a cabin, but something Saxon and Milena did made him leave, though he still wanted to help our side. FSH We see that he soldered some flags with ducks on the end to the sidewalk around hte house in the woods, and I am tempted to stop and unsolder them for all the soldering metal he used. We continued on around, and I see my bike with the flashlight and GPS still on it and I think I had parked it there in another dream, except now I am on the wrong side of the fence.

      There's only one more spot the guy could be in the tall grass and that's were we find him. Except he is kind of like a rabbit. So that I can get my bike, we then go the fence, which's horizontal wires are alternated with posts. I stand on a post and the rabbit guy does some pump maneuver that raises me up and I get to the top with no trouble. There is also something around here where Milena says how children shouldn't be doing this, but I ignore her.

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    8. 518 Words--On The RUN

      by , 06-10-2018 at 03:56 PM
      Dream 1: (WUDD-10) FSH I am running away from maybe a store, perhaps I stole something? But anyway, a few police officers are chasing me, but mostly just orange and yellow vested officers, because I have no gun and am not shooting people, I think. FSH I see myself like in 3'rd person, and I watch as I battle with all these people in a ring around me, I triumph over them all, but an adroit young man gets past my guard and punches me in the face. Before he can finish up and knock me out or something, I pull out a long black gun to shoot him. Then it goes in very slow motion, as our bodies turn in air, the young man desperately trying to avoid the spray of bullets, but I get him and he is dead. I then run to the edge of the road, but there are a few cars hurtling past the bend i am at super fast. I try to run across, but only make it to the yellow line before a police jeep comes hurtling past, so I stop and wait for it to go buy, and then reach the other side. I then say to myself, "Huh, how silly, I am running away from the police, and still obeying traffic rules!" I then find a big cave and hurry in to hide, and the dream jumps to when I get found by one female police officer, a big orange/yellow vested guy, and one other person who is there, but I never really see his face. They try to grab me, but I fight them off, so they draw back and pull out these tire poppers they lay across the road, like in the movie Baby Driver, but this time, they throw them at me, and it spreads out into a net. I avoid several of these net throws, before I pick them up and throw them back. The first one does nothing, but the next few I through, entraps them, and seals up the cave's entrance. I then climb up the netting on the entrapped officers towards a hole in the side near the top. I get out of it onto this platform thing, that I think is a scaffolding. Suddenly, Canyon and Ceri are back in the cave, so Canyon climbs up and I help her out of the hole. By then, the officers are free, though the entrance is still sealed, and one of them says how they got my gun, which was a short black handgun by then. I then see a giant rod fence, and realize I could slip between the rods and get lost in the forest beyond. So I swing down the scaffolding and get to the corner of the cave, which is actually like a tent now, where Ceri climbs out. I am relived they didn't try to keep her As we turn to go into the woods, I wake up.

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    9. Dream Journaling Note

      by , 06-09-2018 at 03:55 PM
      So, so far, for some weird reason, I have been posting my dream journal on the night of the day, if that made sense, so it is always one day behind, but that has been really annoying me, so now i am going to say it is the same day that it is when I woke up in the morning. Which means that I will have a gap where I have no dream for one day when I do that transition, so that is what these weird words are doing, filling the gap. Hope that made sense.
      side notes
    10. 665 Words--Rivers and Archery in the Log House

      by , 06-08-2018 at 02:48 PM
      Dream 1: WUDD-9 FSH Some friends and I buy a raft. FSH We take it to a river, and sail down. Pretty soon, we go past an old man who is on his back in the water, and his three girls I think? But their raft is sunk in the middle of the river. As we go past I think about what helping them would mean, a ten minute walk, cold, and other unpleasant things. However. My friend who is driving stops the motor. I then see the propeller, shiny yellow, and realize it will also mean having to loose the raft we just bought. But, we decide to go, and swim upstream a few yards, tell we come to the old man.

      I get him and I guess my friends get the girls. We pull them to shore, and put the girls and the old man in a heap, and he says something about family and all together, and so when screwdriver appears in my hands, I think that perhaps he want s me to stick the screwdriver through his back and through the girls so that they will be together? But decide not it, realizing it wouldn't help their health.

      As the old man tell his story, he sort of becomes Dad, but still looks like the old man, and the girls, which I never see are my siblings, and the river is all of the sunk part of the log house, but M&D's room is high up in the air, safe. The old man explains, how he and the girls were taking a shower, and he got done first, and walkout out of the bathroom to get dressed, but when he walked out of M&D's room, he fell down into the sunken part of the rest of the house, and the same thing happened to the girls. I ask him why he didn't warn them and he explains how he rebuilt that part of the house so that his warning didn't work or something.

      Dream 2: Dad, Slade, and I enter the West Basement in the log house for archery practice. I push a table out of the way, which makes bullet holes in the wall like in Baby Driver. Then I think about when I threw my paddle at the wall and it made a hole, and suddenly, Dad, Slade, and I are at the center of the room with bows and quivers of yellow/black fletched arrows. We all shoot our arrows, and because there isn't a target, we are aiming to get our arrows all in a group, anywhere. I get two of my arrows close together up high, and two more very close down low and to the left. We then go and check out how we shot, and I think I won.

      I pull out my arrows out of the wall, and notice the high ones were in sheetrock, and the low ones in plywood, both of which had been painted over, and after wondering for a brief moment why we were wreaking the house we worked so hard to build, I go back. Then, I notice that I only have four arrows, while Slade and Dad have five. I tell him this and something about my fifth arrow which I don't have, but if I did, I couldn't shoot it anyway.

      While Slade and Dad talk around the corner, I set up the table I built and make it so that I can shoot the table, which will nock it over into the wall. However, Dad tells me not to, as it will hit the wall, and to balance it with a white stool so that it won't fall over. However, I put the stool under the corner so that it can still fall, just not very far, so it won't hit anything.

      (I can only show the last 62 days on my chart before it gets too squished.)
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    11. 616 Words: Tortured by Dad--By Richard Wormbrant

      by , 06-07-2018 at 03:04 PM
      Dream 1: (RBFA, Same dream, almost twice, but then I catch myself. WUDD-7) FSH Something about sand, trees, the suburban, and me getting captured. FS Dad is torturing me and holding me captive in a house that is kinda like ours but oriented differently and not quite the same. I am in the garage all locked up in something like an Iron Maiden, except it has no head and no spikes, and I am lying on my back instead of standing up. Dad is in the garage, doing something, along with an assistant.

      Dad then leaves, and for some reason, I can't understand, the assistant puts up the garage door and lets me free. I quickly get a stack of cups, and notice that there are much more of them now including some red plastic ones, and realize a neighbor must have added to it, before grabbing my bike, and hiding them at the end of the street behind some trees that are filled with trash bags full of trash and red plastic cups. I then wait from my new friend, the assistant, to show up, but he never does.

      I walk closer in the rain towards the house, seeing the neighbors trash cans and two little kids, that I casually avoid. When I look up again, I can tell that Dad is looking for me. I see that I am wearing a black coat, and a red hoodie, that is kind of dark from the rain, and somehow it makes sense to me that I can wear both the black coat and the red hoodie on top at the same time. I then see Dad look up, and realize he probrobly saw me, so I quickly run away, forgetting about my bike.

      Suddenly, the sky turns grey, and it is predawn, and much lighter. I then cross the road into heavy traffic, and kind of instantly end up at the end of the road, where I see Mom and Dad. I quickly turn and run the other way, and enter a building. I climb up some stairs and go towards an elevator when I turn and see Mom and Dad at the top of the stairs. I decide that its unlikely the door will happen to close just right and plan on darting up some more stairs, but then realize something like this is a dream and it is making it too hard for me to escape. It won't let me escape, but maybe the elevator will. However, I don't get aware at all. I then decide to hope for the best, and run towards the closing elevator doors. I squeeze through just in time, and the doors close on Mom and Dad, but then they open again, despite my futile button punching.

      I am now captured again, but fight Dad to try to not get locked up in the house again, but he is too strong. I am then put into a different room, that is has a sandy/concrete floor, is circular, and has a hole in the floor where there is some special thing, maybe a cuff that will make me much stronger. I already have one on my right hand and this is the one for the left. However, I am too short to reach it. Then, time flies by and I grow older and stronger. I can now reach the thing, but I break the manacles off and realize I don't need it. I then walk out of the house. FSH Mom and Dad wonder why I am mad at them when I leave.

      First awakening 2.4 hours after bed, get up, go to bathroom, set alarm, try VC WILD, loose awareness quickly.
      Second awakening 4.4 hours after bed, set alarm, try VC WILD, loose awareness quickly.
      Third awakening 6.4 hours after bed, try VC WILD, loose awareness quickly.

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      Latest Version of LDAC, (No more for a long time now)
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    12. 647 Words--War!

      by , 06-06-2018 at 02:44 PM
      Dream 1: WUDD-5, FSH I am with most of my family , though I can only identify Wynd and Saxon, the rest are just blanks faces of my family, and we are in the suburban. It seems that we are in the middle of a giant war, of which my story is a small part, however, everyone is in cars, and there is a giant traffic jam, so no one is going anywhere anytime soon. Right now, there is a giant three-fingered robotic hand, coming from the side of a big armored truck/short semi. I am in the second seat back on the right, facing the giant hand, and remember to keep my window up, so that it can't get through, as I remember something about someone called Peter Rabbit, who was my cousin, put his window down, and the hand grabbed him by the throat and got him. FSH I then do something like lean into the front seat FSH suddenly, somehow, the robot hand has gotten into the car, so I had for the back, looking for the best place to lay low, I think about trying under the ketchers by Wynd feet, (she is in the third row back on the left) or between the seat and the back by Saxon, (who is in the fourth row back, lying down across the seat), but don't have enough time. So, I try to avoid it, but the hand seems drawn to me. Determined not to go down without a fight, I push on it with my legs, so that it ends up in Wynd's lap, and can't get anyone. However, it is really hurting my legs to have it this way, so quite a few times I ask Wynd if she will help, and then maybe on the second time, she says she is, and then I let go and see that she melted the hand into a little, twisted, dried-up, hunk of metal. She then hangs it on the side of the armored truck, but I want to get it, and use it for one of my projects, however, I realize that it would be a great demoralizer if left right there. However, I then suddenly have an idea, and get a piece of paper and a pen, and write. Return this, or else... FSH? I then exit the car for some reason, and go look behind some fronds, and see that there is a giant gnome army, however, the gnomes are grey, very tall, and dangerous. Most of them are getting off ships, however, quite a few are already in position on land, waiting to kill us. I first have a sense of dejavu, like I have seen them before, when I see two gnomes with orange hair sticking straight up, and then I see the grey king with a tiny gold crown on his head. I turn to run, and he throws his spear at me, but I doge. I then get back to the car, warn everyone, put the windows up, and maybe get my stuff out? Everyone goes on foot forwards towards the lake, but I get there first. I see a plate on the ground, and take it with me, wondering if it would be a good raft I could stand on to get safe in the middle of the lake, however, I then remember that I am to big, and it would only be good for little animals like the small ones in Zootopia, so I drop it. Then, induced by the plate. I am doing dishes with Canyon on the other side off the lake. However, the invasion is still happening, so I have a sense of dread and how I need to hurry up and finish with the plates.

      I am making an even better version of my LDAC right now. It didn't wake up tho, cuz I forgot to make it do the continual ring. Once I finish with my latest version of my LDAC, I am going to set a schedule and have it always ring, say at 2, then 4, then 6, and then eventually I will not need to have continual ring, and then I won't need it at all, but will just do it naturally, which is the end goal. However, when I woke up in the morning, it was kind a hard to remember my dream, but eventually got a few key words, which sparked the whole thing. As I was doing that though, I tried a little RC, and was able to make my whole vision go from blue to green, and a little on red. I was worried I would do an RBFA if I kept at it though, so I stopped. However, now I know that in the morning or when you are kind asleep, it is very easy practice for doing RC. Also, new acronym. WUDD, which stands for Wake Up During Dream. Charles 3, would you mind doing it too, as I am trying to see if you have an easier time remembering your dream when you wake up during your dream, or if you wake up right after it during N-REM. If you would just say (WUDD) and then on a level of 1-10 how easy it was for you to remember, 0 being you couldn't, and 10 no trouble at all. Thanks!

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    13. 102 Words--RFBA GALORE!!!!

      by , 06-05-2018 at 03:23 PM
      Woke up in the morning, and had about 10-15 RBFA for about an hour before getting up and writing this all down. Also, had several large dreams and some smaller ones OTTOTT, but couldn't quite extract them.

      Dream 1: I am downtown with Dad, and I have a coupon for Mary Mountain's cookies, but I have to go, and I will miss the opportunity to get my free cookie, so I say to Dad, "Son must go father, could father perhaps get the cookie for son?" I then leave, though I think that he probrobly will not do it. FSH

      Dream 2: Some stuff about 3D Printing, I am repeatedly having the printer print, but then scraping it off with my slicer tool. FSH

      Dream 3: Something about my dirty, stinky, holey socks draped on top of something. FSH

      LDAC woke me up 2.4 hours after bed, got up, went to the bathroom, turned off my 3D Printer (I had had a print going before bed for an even better LDAC), and then got in bed, planning to do a VC WILD, but fell asleep instantaneously. Second awakening didn't happen, as I unplugged a different part of my LDAC.

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    14. 10 Words--Improved LDAC

      by , 06-04-2018 at 03:02 PM
      Dream 1: (RBFA-2)-Woke up, remembered and retained this thru two RBFA, Something about big letters and maybe 3D Printing?

      Name:  Capture.jpg
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      I improved my LDAC, mainly by getting it in a new box that I 3D Printed, making it much better. Here are some pics:

      Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	IMG_20180605_081540.jpg 
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      Tags: 3d printing
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. 283 Words--RBFA Galore

      by , 06-03-2018 at 04:24 PM
      Dream 1: (RFBA-2) FSH I am like Brian in the movie Taken and am going after these people, but they disappear, so I return to this dark alleyway, and say, "Used up ten cigarettes, and only got a piece of wire!"

      Dream 2: (RFBA-2) Some weird cartoon stuff, where these guys get in a dumpster filled with food, and eat it all up, except it is like a cartoon, and it looks like popcorn at the end. Then someone off screen repeatedly says how Spider-Man will be mad. Then they walk off, and one of the cartoons, who is like Frankenstein, hauls his son, who looks like Alex, around by the neck.

      Dream 3: (RBFA-2) Something about New York, and maybe a dime or some coin, and skating?

      Dream 4: (RFBA-1) Saxon and I are at VBS? There are several large hills, and we are at an empty basketball court, but I go up a hill and over to a place where all these people are playing something like hockey on the ground, and get my ball perhaps. I sort of want to play with them, and looking around, see a few people my age, so I probrobly wouldn't be to old, but I don't. I then go back to where Saxon was, FSH, he gets mad, calls me a bully, and runs away. Suddenly, Slade and I are chasing him. He goes to a playground, but Slade heads him of, and as I go up one sort of slide/ramp, he tries to backtrack down the other one, but I grab him. I then pin him and ask him why he is mad at me. FSH.

      Did some VC, got a few color stuff to appear, but am getting lazy at it. When I woke up in the morning I tried to do it, and easily made a rainbow.

      Woke up, tried to do a VC WILD, but fell asleep, same thing the second time I awoke, need to get up a little and then try it.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
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