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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. LD: Stuck & Stomped

      by , 12-25-2022 at 06:29 AM (Dusskee Dreamscapes)
      This was from Dec 22nd courtesy of my sleep deprived brain.

      Fell asleep on the couch. I could hear the show playing, people talking, so assumed I was still awake. I felt weirdly heavy and wondered if I was sleeping, so tried to float off of the couch. I slipped sideways and woke.

      I closed my eyes and listened to the show again, some old kung fu movie. The heaviness set in again and then came the snoring. My eyes popped open, I looked around. I was the only one laying, then it struck me, I was hearing myself snore. Dreaming again. I laughed at myself then tried to float upward. I couldn't do anything but lay and listen to myself snore. Could I make myself sleep talk? I struggled to say, "Can you hear me, I'm dreaming." I couldn't speak. I struggled so hard that I woke.

      I sat up and looked around. The show was still playing. I asked the others if they heard me snoring and they laughed and told me to go to bed. 'Nope." I laid back down. As soon as I felt heavy I tried to float off the couch. I slid sideways and drifted to the floor like a fluff of feather. I landed on the floor slipped through. "Through the floor!" I yelled and grabbed the footrest of the chair beside me. "I'm bringing you with me," I told the chair's occupant, his feet dangled over the edge. But as I tipped the chair fully over, it was empty. I let go of the chair and fell into the basement. I woke.

      I tried laying on my side. Fell asleep and kept telling myself I would become lucid again. A dream scene started suddenly. I was in a city with tall building and even taller statues of people One of the statues turned its head and smiled a giant stony grin. "Uh... I should probably check if I'm dreaming.." and did finger through palm check. And yes, I WAS dreaming. I strode over to the grinning statue and touched it's foot, its toe was nearly as tall as I was. The statue lifted it's bare foot and stomped on me. I woke.

      I fell asleep again later but don't recall any other dreams from this night.

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