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    LD: Fly Damn It!

    by , 12-31-2022 at 04:04 AM (224 Views)
    The stars stood in strange formations that night. One was shaped like a calligraphic T laying on its side. Odd. "I better reality check," I mentioned more to myself than my companions. And yes, I was in a dream. Immediately and with (likely manic) excitement I tried to convince my co-workers. They laughed at me, and then, being counsellors and therapists, asked if I was under a lot of stress lately. "YES!" I said. "I like to fly when I get stressed out," I jumped into the air and drifted around them, spinning and bouncing on invisible bubbles of air. They told me to come down out of the sky, it was dangerous. They wanted me to face my issues instead of flying away from them. I kept telling them this was a dream, it's a dream, we're all dreaming. They would not believe me. Anger flared up inside me, I just wanted soar around the night sky with these creatures that I considered my friends. But they would not have it. I dropped down from the sky, grabbed one of them by the arm and yelled, "FLY!" I tossed her high into the air, effortlessly, and she drifted softly to the ground again. She ran away. I grabbed each of my co workers in turn and whipped them high into the air and yelled, "Fly damn it... just fly!" They hit ground and hit the road as well. I was left standing there, frustrated and alone. I shoved my finger through my palm to make sure I was still dreaming. I was. I tried to remember goals I had for when I became lucid but I could recall none. I ran, jumped into the sky and flew fast and hard, intending to fly my lucid way into a better dream.
    I don't recall anything after this.

    Dec 30 2022
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      First of all, love the getting lucid on seeing strange constellations. I've gotten lucid a lot from strange things in the sky. Multiple suns or moons or a big planet like saturn just hanging in the sky.

      Its always interesting to see dream characters' reactions to lucidity. Out of curiosity, what are your current goals?
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