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    LD: Sky Giants

    by , 12-31-2022 at 03:50 AM (214 Views)
    December 28 2022
    Humaniod giants stepped down from the clouds and trampled humanity. I ran for shelter underground in a library which had a deep basement. I smashed inside through a window. I ran down the stairs. When I passed a window in the stairwell I could still see above ground. The giants stomped closer. I ran faster down the stairs and came to another window in the stairwell. Again I could still see above ground outside. And the giants were even closer. I leaped over steps as rushed as quickly as humanly possible and came to another window. And yet again I could still see the outside world being destroyed. I had been in a similar situation before, trying to run for shelter in a basement that I can never reach. It's happened in dreams. I reality checked and yes, I was dreaming.
    My fear gave way to curiosity. Who were the giants, really, and what did they want? I smashed the basement window, crawled out, and ran and leaped into a tree top, then to the next, then to the next. When I came to houses I effortlessly leaped from rooftop to rooftop. Then in the city from skyscraper to skyscraper until high up enough to face one of the giants. I called, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" The giant thudded nearer and bent down to look me in the eye. In the reflection of the giant's eye, I looked like an insect. Disgust wrenched on the face of the giant, it raised a hand swatted at me. I was terrified for a spit second then repeated, "it can't hurt me... it can't hurt me..." as the massive palm smashed down upon me.
    I woke.
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