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    LD Snaking River & F-ed Basement

    by , 01-08-2023 at 06:51 PM (227 Views)
    In a fresh house, I admired the view of the winding river out back. The river quickly flooded and it's shape slithered like a snake. I looked away to tell everyone to see the snaky river. When we looked out the window again the river was side winding it's way closer to the house. This was an impossible thing, the water lifted up like a tube of muddy liquid, to sidle closer to us. Everyone was scared. I shoved my finger through my palm. It went through but only with much force.

    "This is a dream," I mentioned. No one believed me. I wanted to go confront the snake river but Kay ran up from the basement and said her brother was lost. We went down and encountered an MC Echer like scenario where rooms and hallways always lead us back to the main hall by the stairs. We could hear Kay's brother yelling but could not find him.

    I wondered about the basement, was this a part of me that needed sorting? It all kept coming back to the same area. Suddenly Kay's brother walked out from a room and stood beside me. "Who made this basement, it's severely f-ed up." I felt kind of ashamed knowing this was a construction of my own, a reflection of myself. I sat and patted the bare, concrete floor. "Guess we'll have to fix it," I said, not knowing where to begin.

    I stood up, determined to sort the situation out right away. And suddenly feeling God-ish in the dark and twisted bowels of the basement yelled, "Let there be light!" Nothing happened. I yelled the command again. Kay went over and flicked on a light switch. This made me laugh so hard that I think I lost lucidity. After this we wandered around the basement trying to map it out into a floor plan.

    This is another early morning dream, between 5-6:30am
    Success reality checking because of an impossibility in a dream.
    I did fail to reality check in a different dream of a violent storm.
    Sleep 6rs & 55 min.
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