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    LD Strange Storm Supernatural

    by , 01-08-2023 at 06:27 AM (261 Views)
    In a strange city they sky grew quickly dark. Above, the clouds twitched unnaturally and formed into flat triangles, squares, rectangles, and hexagons. The shapes grew clear and looked like large slabs of sparkling ice drifting across the sky. Then, one triangle tipped and fell from the sky, it's sharpest point aimed at earth. It turned into a pyramid before it slammed into a skyscraper and smashed it flat.

    The people scattered, screaming and weeping. I was too fascinated by the shapes in the sky to run. I watched as other shapes tipped and fell onto the city. I was afraid but could not tear my eyes from the sky. I had a feeling that if I fled, the shapes would find and flatten me. "A geometric storm!" I announced to no one. And then understanding that I was witnessing a storm I pressed my pointer finger to the palm of my hand. It slid through. I laughed.

    Now knowing that this was a dream I watched the city be crushed by the shapes. The circles fell and became crystal clear cylinders that rolled through streets crushing everything in their path. I did nothing to stop the chaos until I saw two little children trying to outrun a cylinder. I leaped into the street between they and the giant rolling shape and braced myself for the impact. The cylinder evaporated before it struck me. I turned and the children were gone.

    I wanted to see why the sky was making and throwing shapes at the earth. I tried to fly but couldn't. I tried a few times to run up the sides of buildings but couldn't. I rechecked a few times that I was still dreaming. Finally I found a smaller building to leap onto and then another taller building and leaped my way up to the tallest skyscraper still standing. I attempted to use the falling shapes to leap further up into the sky but they were falling to fast. I crashed down into the city.

    Next I was being helped into a car. It was Sam and Dean from Supernatural. They threw me into the back of Baby and sped off. They pummeled me with questions which I tried to answer. When I told them it was all okay, this was a dream, they would not believe me. I reality checked again and even showed them that I could push my finger through my palm. They still would not believe.

    Then, realizing that I could do anything, I imagined myself driving Baby. Suddenly there I was, speeding around in the Winchesters' beloved car. The guys were in the back seat. I got lost in the thrill of racing the car through the dreamscape.

    I don't know if the dream ended or I lost lucidity, but I do not recall anything past joy riding.

    Success reality checking to a storm and with confirmation reality checks.
    This was an early morning dream, between 4:30 and 6:30am.
    According to fitbit I had 7hrs and 45min sleep.
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