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    1. LD Snaking River & F-ed Basement

      by , 01-08-2023 at 06:51 PM (Dusskee Dreamscapes)
      In a fresh house, I admired the view of the winding river out back. The river quickly flooded and it's shape slithered like a snake. I looked away to tell everyone to see the snaky river. When we looked out the window again the river was side winding it's way closer to the house. This was an impossible thing, the water lifted up like a tube of muddy liquid, to sidle closer to us. Everyone was scared. I shoved my finger through my palm. It went through but only with much force.

      "This is a dream," I mentioned. No one believed me. I wanted to go confront the snake river but Kay ran up from the basement and said her brother was lost. We went down and encountered an MC Echer like scenario where rooms and hallways always lead us back to the main hall by the stairs. We could hear Kay's brother yelling but could not find him.

      I wondered about the basement, was this a part of me that needed sorting? It all kept coming back to the same area. Suddenly Kay's brother walked out from a room and stood beside me. "Who made this basement, it's severely f-ed up." I felt kind of ashamed knowing this was a construction of my own, a reflection of myself. I sat and patted the bare, concrete floor. "Guess we'll have to fix it," I said, not knowing where to begin.

      I stood up, determined to sort the situation out right away. And suddenly feeling God-ish in the dark and twisted bowels of the basement yelled, "Let there be light!" Nothing happened. I yelled the command again. Kay went over and flicked on a light switch. This made me laugh so hard that I think I lost lucidity. After this we wandered around the basement trying to map it out into a floor plan.

      This is another early morning dream, between 5-6:30am
      Success reality checking because of an impossibility in a dream.
      I did fail to reality check in a different dream of a violent storm.
      Sleep 6rs & 55 min.
    2. LD Strange Storm Supernatural

      by , 01-08-2023 at 06:27 AM (Dusskee Dreamscapes)
      In a strange city they sky grew quickly dark. Above, the clouds twitched unnaturally and formed into flat triangles, squares, rectangles, and hexagons. The shapes grew clear and looked like large slabs of sparkling ice drifting across the sky. Then, one triangle tipped and fell from the sky, it's sharpest point aimed at earth. It turned into a pyramid before it slammed into a skyscraper and smashed it flat.

      The people scattered, screaming and weeping. I was too fascinated by the shapes in the sky to run. I watched as other shapes tipped and fell onto the city. I was afraid but could not tear my eyes from the sky. I had a feeling that if I fled, the shapes would find and flatten me. "A geometric storm!" I announced to no one. And then understanding that I was witnessing a storm I pressed my pointer finger to the palm of my hand. It slid through. I laughed.

      Now knowing that this was a dream I watched the city be crushed by the shapes. The circles fell and became crystal clear cylinders that rolled through streets crushing everything in their path. I did nothing to stop the chaos until I saw two little children trying to outrun a cylinder. I leaped into the street between they and the giant rolling shape and braced myself for the impact. The cylinder evaporated before it struck me. I turned and the children were gone.

      I wanted to see why the sky was making and throwing shapes at the earth. I tried to fly but couldn't. I tried a few times to run up the sides of buildings but couldn't. I rechecked a few times that I was still dreaming. Finally I found a smaller building to leap onto and then another taller building and leaped my way up to the tallest skyscraper still standing. I attempted to use the falling shapes to leap further up into the sky but they were falling to fast. I crashed down into the city.

      Next I was being helped into a car. It was Sam and Dean from Supernatural. They threw me into the back of Baby and sped off. They pummeled me with questions which I tried to answer. When I told them it was all okay, this was a dream, they would not believe me. I reality checked again and even showed them that I could push my finger through my palm. They still would not believe.

      Then, realizing that I could do anything, I imagined myself driving Baby. Suddenly there I was, speeding around in the Winchesters' beloved car. The guys were in the back seat. I got lost in the thrill of racing the car through the dreamscape.

      I don't know if the dream ended or I lost lucidity, but I do not recall anything past joy riding.

      Success reality checking to a storm and with confirmation reality checks.
      This was an early morning dream, between 4:30 and 6:30am.
      According to fitbit I had 7hrs and 45min sleep.
    3. LD: Fly Damn It!

      by , 12-31-2022 at 04:04 AM (Dusskee Dreamscapes)
      The stars stood in strange formations that night. One was shaped like a calligraphic T laying on its side. Odd. "I better reality check," I mentioned more to myself than my companions. And yes, I was in a dream. Immediately and with (likely manic) excitement I tried to convince my co-workers. They laughed at me, and then, being counsellors and therapists, asked if I was under a lot of stress lately. "YES!" I said. "I like to fly when I get stressed out," I jumped into the air and drifted around them, spinning and bouncing on invisible bubbles of air. They told me to come down out of the sky, it was dangerous. They wanted me to face my issues instead of flying away from them. I kept telling them this was a dream, it's a dream, we're all dreaming. They would not believe me. Anger flared up inside me, I just wanted soar around the night sky with these creatures that I considered my friends. But they would not have it. I dropped down from the sky, grabbed one of them by the arm and yelled, "FLY!" I tossed her high into the air, effortlessly, and she drifted softly to the ground again. She ran away. I grabbed each of my co workers in turn and whipped them high into the air and yelled, "Fly damn it... just fly!" They hit ground and hit the road as well. I was left standing there, frustrated and alone. I shoved my finger through my palm to make sure I was still dreaming. I was. I tried to remember goals I had for when I became lucid but I could recall none. I ran, jumped into the sky and flew fast and hard, intending to fly my lucid way into a better dream.
      I don't recall anything after this.

      Dec 30 2022

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    4. LD: Sky Giants

      by , 12-31-2022 at 03:50 AM (Dusskee Dreamscapes)
      December 28 2022
      Humaniod giants stepped down from the clouds and trampled humanity. I ran for shelter underground in a library which had a deep basement. I smashed inside through a window. I ran down the stairs. When I passed a window in the stairwell I could still see above ground. The giants stomped closer. I ran faster down the stairs and came to another window in the stairwell. Again I could still see above ground outside. And the giants were even closer. I leaped over steps as rushed as quickly as humanly possible and came to another window. And yet again I could still see the outside world being destroyed. I had been in a similar situation before, trying to run for shelter in a basement that I can never reach. It's happened in dreams. I reality checked and yes, I was dreaming.
      My fear gave way to curiosity. Who were the giants, really, and what did they want? I smashed the basement window, crawled out, and ran and leaped into a tree top, then to the next, then to the next. When I came to houses I effortlessly leaped from rooftop to rooftop. Then in the city from skyscraper to skyscraper until high up enough to face one of the giants. I called, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" The giant thudded nearer and bent down to look me in the eye. In the reflection of the giant's eye, I looked like an insect. Disgust wrenched on the face of the giant, it raised a hand swatted at me. I was terrified for a spit second then repeated, "it can't hurt me... it can't hurt me..." as the massive palm smashed down upon me.
      I woke.
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    5. LD: Stuck & Stomped

      by , 12-25-2022 at 06:29 AM (Dusskee Dreamscapes)
      This was from Dec 22nd courtesy of my sleep deprived brain.

      Fell asleep on the couch. I could hear the show playing, people talking, so assumed I was still awake. I felt weirdly heavy and wondered if I was sleeping, so tried to float off of the couch. I slipped sideways and woke.

      I closed my eyes and listened to the show again, some old kung fu movie. The heaviness set in again and then came the snoring. My eyes popped open, I looked around. I was the only one laying, then it struck me, I was hearing myself snore. Dreaming again. I laughed at myself then tried to float upward. I couldn't do anything but lay and listen to myself snore. Could I make myself sleep talk? I struggled to say, "Can you hear me, I'm dreaming." I couldn't speak. I struggled so hard that I woke.

      I sat up and looked around. The show was still playing. I asked the others if they heard me snoring and they laughed and told me to go to bed. 'Nope." I laid back down. As soon as I felt heavy I tried to float off the couch. I slid sideways and drifted to the floor like a fluff of feather. I landed on the floor slipped through. "Through the floor!" I yelled and grabbed the footrest of the chair beside me. "I'm bringing you with me," I told the chair's occupant, his feet dangled over the edge. But as I tipped the chair fully over, it was empty. I let go of the chair and fell into the basement. I woke.

      I tried laying on my side. Fell asleep and kept telling myself I would become lucid again. A dream scene started suddenly. I was in a city with tall building and even taller statues of people One of the statues turned its head and smiled a giant stony grin. "Uh... I should probably check if I'm dreaming.." and did finger through palm check. And yes, I WAS dreaming. I strode over to the grinning statue and touched it's foot, its toe was nearly as tall as I was. The statue lifted it's bare foot and stomped on me. I woke.

      I fell asleep again later but don't recall any other dreams from this night.

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