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    Super-mutants and freerunning

    by , 03-08-2013 at 08:15 AM (949 Views)
    I was in the capital wasteland, a post apocalyptic world from the fallout series. I was floating on a fridge in a city filled with water. As I neared a bank I communicated with a man who made me a proposition. He asked me to sell his daughter to some super-mutants. I agreed and I met a dog who started following me. As I neared the twon he lived in my friend had suddenly appeared.
    Suddenly we had entered the man's house and he gave us a satellite and some radio equipment. We threw it away and set off to sell the girl. Weirdly the girl wasn't with us and the mission had some how converted into having to save the girl. I was however notified of my choice to be able to condemn the girl if I wanted. After we free the girl from a hall some super-mutants saw us. We said a few words to them but then turned on bullet time (Slow motion) and started running away as they were lifting their rifles. We were so swift as we parkoured between bars and pieces of rubble. We kept going until we were clear of any super-mutants.
    We turned around and saw the ones who were after us scavenging through a museum quite close and my friend wouldn't stop singing so I punched him the gut. We tried running but out of no where there where thousands of the mutants and they all grabbed our close and tried to rip us apart. I calculated how far the girl had gotten and set an explosive charge on my wrist. My view sort of switched to a cutscene and the majority of the city was forced to the ground through a shockwave, everything glowed a bright type of blue until is dissolved and got carried away with the air.
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    1. Iokheira's Avatar
      That sounds pretty epic! I like the incorporation of the slo-mo, that must have been pretty awesome "In real life." I'm guessing you got blown up too then?
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    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      So we've got Capital Wasteland, bullet-time, non-stop action, and parkour? "Jealous" doesn't begin to cover how I feel. Congratulations, sounds like an awesome LD!
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    3. dutchraptor's Avatar
      Hehe thanks guys, its' pretty awesome cause I rarely have good non-lucids. I just noticed how terrible my spelling is in the morning, I have trouble reading it
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