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    A whole lot of stuff

    by , 08-25-2013 at 05:38 PM (1004 Views)
    I remember sitting in a room, I heard some man getting angry at his wife. Trying to leave them undisturbed, I silently walk out of the room but retain a link to the room through a kettle. I can hear and see whats happening through the kettle. The man talks about a princess so I figure I should go look for her.
    The room was strangely connected to a large hall similar to a place I know in real life, a girl stood in the middle surrounded by 20 other people I know. She had drawn a 3d portrait of new york completely by hand and no one thought it was good except me. Seeing the artwork triggered lucidity, I knew that she couldn't have drawn it. I stabilized the dream by concentrating and decided I would see what was at the end of the hall. Upon meeting some legionaries I lose lucidity again and start to follow them
    Multiple minutes later, after having battled to the center of the castle in which the princess resides I come in contact with someone who seemed to be my arch-enemy. I noted how his armor was much cooler than mine despite me being the main character. I turned lucid again but it felt much more stable this time. I immediately turned into this silver werewolf thing I heard about in a book I'm currently reading. I shot this white fire from my hands and I could feel the smoke rising out of the metal grill where my nose should be. Everyone around me was really frightened so I decided I would have some fun and let out a furious roar which ruptured the walls. I kinda turned lost the plot and just crashed through the castle wall outside. I did a cool trick where my soul exploded from out my chest, and reformed a body somewhere else, but I never actually bothered to go somewhere because I was too excited.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Man cool dream you had there! Werewolf with additional superpowers and your soul exploded! Crazy!
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    2. dutchraptor's Avatar
      Thanks it was pretty damn coo, most of it was stolen from a sweet sci-fi I'm reading right now. It was quite easy for me to do because in the book, there are possesors who can take on any form they want, but their primary weapon is a blast of white energy, so I just had to copy there moves.
      The soul part was my idea though, that was really damn cool! Awesome way of teleporting
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    3. JoannaB's Avatar
      Wow, really neat!
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    4. NyxCC's Avatar
      It's great it worked so well, also really creative way to teleport! I've been trying to saturate my subcon with ideas from movies but I think it might take a while to sink in. Keep reading man, can't wait to see what you come up with next!
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