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    1. Lucid Crater, a month ago

      by , 09-07-2020 at 07:44 AM
      This was probably a month ago, I think. It is a dream where my dream characters were bugging me out of the ordinary. At first I just went with it, but up to a point it crossed a line. I was becoming more lucid, and angry at them. The people in my dream thought they were going to get me on something, like snaring me in a trap, but I went outside. They followed. I kept going and going, like I was jogging in real life, to just get away. They would have none of that. There was many opposing me, even though I was seeking to withdraw. Once I noticed this, I stopped. I levitated in a lucid manner. And then, then, I well used such force to telekinetically lift earth and rock itself underneath my attackers to such an extent, that it was like an 100 meter asteroid stuck the earth. I lifted such a mass, and then slammed it into the earth with the impact of something falling from space. The crater was 1000 ft wide after I was done. I don't really know what happened to those dream characters, but they are dead now, like if they could die they should be dead as dead can be.

      It was flat ground that I flew up, and hovered above. Then I just reached out with my will and yanked up as much mass as I could from the plain, raised it a third of a mile, then slammed it down with such force as if it was impacting from outer space at many miles per second. In a second or two it formed a crater, and my work was done here. After such an exertion, I think I woke up in about a dream minute.
    2. Prince's Limo

      by , 09-07-2020 at 07:10 AM
      I was in Prince's limo. It was dark in the interior, and opposite of me at the back seat was Prince. It was just so surreal, the Limo was moving and we sat there for a few dream seconds. We came to a stop, and I got out and had another dream for 10 or 20 seconds in real time before waking. Although I don't remember what was after, this is the first I ever dreamed of someone who is dead to my knowledge. It is just that while I was in his limo, it was like I could feel the musical artistry flowing out of him. Like it was really him, although I never met Prince. Still, all being said, it is one of the most memorable dreams I have had in a long time. So there is that.
    3. I became a vampire

      by , 04-11-2020 at 05:23 AM
      This was just a short bit of lucidity, but I had started walking down a dark hallway. It was nice and I was feeling all dark and goth, like a normal goth would. It was nice being alone in a dark and gloomy hallway in my dream, away from all my dream characters who are almost constantly around. Suddenly I am approached by people in both directions, just 2 of them, but enough to try and wreck my goth zone I got going on. As the one behind me gets the closest, I swing around abruptly, like a vampire, and bite her like I just turned into one. Yes I have the vampire teeth, I can tell. I only bit her, I don't remember any blood I think I began waking up then. But still, I did the dark hallway and being like a vampire lucidly. I didn't really intend to go all vampire, but just be my goth self, but since it was a dream, why not vamp, right?

      This was probably almost a week ago, but it is sticking with me so I am going to post it.
      Tags: goth, vampire
    4. Royal Protectorate

      by , 07-03-2018 at 03:57 PM
      There were many people who were going after the important leaders. I didn't know if they had a rank or title specifically, but they seemed to be in charge as leaders of the community. The people were going after us because there was a science lab underground. This would be underneath the government building, but separate enough that the lab was its own thing. The lab had many high tech devices, and I found some of these important enough to assemble together. I know one was called a star forge, which I added to a metallic cube which could re-configure itself a bit as it was made up of smaller cubes which could move. Kind of like a rubix cube, but way more complex with many more parts. Anyways this device could gather quantum energy from the universe, as it was powered in some ways by a black hole. There was a light coming from its center indicating its power level. This also seemed to have something to do with me and some of my dream characters having super powers. The others and I had to use our powers to protect our base, but people got in anyways.

      The next thing I know, they had a chain on one of people I was guarding, and they were trying to drag her away. I grasped the chain, and heaved back against their pulling. More people joined in against me, pulling. Soon there were a hundred of them against me, in a tug of war. I wouldn't give up and they could not budge me an inch. After this I kept jerking the chain, and therefore the whole crowd, several times and they seemed to tire and give up. A little later on, after I got several of the important people near me to a safer place, I attempted to clean the area somewhat. All the people coming through the area had trashed it.

      There was a way I could make the wind blow near me, which I used with some limited success to blow away the dirt and trash. It involved me holding my arms out with my hands kind of parallel to each other. In this way, I could feel the air I was attempting to push around to make wind. This was pretty neat as I don't ever remember doing this before in a dream as far as making wind goes. I just couldn't get the volume I needed to make a big gust of wind though. It was then that I took a different approach, lifting my hands up to the sky while willing it and speaking out loud, "wind come down". It came. So much wind came directly down from directly above me it blew everything that wasn't bolted down away. I think I did this three times the same way, each with the same effect. The gusts were 10-15 second bursts of wind, although I could have made them last longer by concentrating. There were more force behind them when I had the wind come in gusts it seemed.
    5. My First Earthquake

      by , 05-25-2018 at 10:02 PM
      It is funny how an unusually strong lucid dream brings me back here to post. I just haven't felt the need to journal my dreams for awhile there. After reading some news article that most men have dreams of earthquakes or natural disasters and the like, I wondered to myself why I never had a dream of earthquakes, not at least that I remember of. Tornados, yes, plenty of those, just no earthquake dreams.

      Well to start off, the road I was on led me to a rail-yard, where trains and railway-cars are parked. There wasn't a whole bunch there at the moment, but some. I do remember seeing all the rails all about the place, the layout of those are always cool to look at. There was even a giant warehouse building where trains could enter & exit on both sides. I found an empty coal car and jumped on top of it, riding it through the building. It seems as though I was trying to get away from something earlier that I don't quite remember. After getting through the building, I jumped off. The railways gleamed in the sun, and as I looked up I seen people approaching from the distance. Well they were human looking, even if they were not fully human, but I knew they were the menace I was running from earlier.

      It was then I remembered my powers, but looking around, there was nothing to throw at my enemies. The railway-cars in this area were cleared away, which I would have levitated and force-hurled at the approaching mob. Instead I focused my dream powers on the ground itself, and induced a devastating earthquake which leveled many structures, and prevented them from coming any closer to me. The way my powers seized ahold of the ground, and made several hundred thousand tons of earth move in wave fashion against each other like it was silly putty was just awesome. Despite the ground acting like jello and bouncing this way and that as I focused on it, the ground buckled and swole up but did not crack open. And even as all this was happening, I was the only one able to retain my footing.
      Tags: earthquake
    6. Stealing the Sonic Screwdriver

      by , 04-12-2015 at 12:44 PM
      At first I was riding a bike along a dirt road, but I didn't want to go to far, as I had to turn around and go back. I don't remember where I had to go back to though. There was a bridge over the road I was on, and I went past it. The scene in the dream changes a little as I turn around to go back. Now there is a sidewalk to follow to the side of the road. So I start walking up the hill on it. There was this guy who went past me with some tools. He goes past me and starts building a house with some other people, although the foundation was only shed size. The foundation is part of the sidewalk, so their project is blocking the sidewalk. I hear two of the people there, a man and woman, plan to do something with these things they have. It is some type of evil plan that will hurt many people in order so they will gain. It takes me a few minutes, as I linger around the area looking around, but I manage to steal two of their devices. One is a small power cube, it is actually pulsating with energy and lights up as it pulses. The other is a sonic screwdriver. I almost get away, but the woman sees the sonic screwdriver in my hand and they chase me.

      I don't get far, but I don't have to. As they close in, I turn the power of the sonic screwdriver on the guy and he de-activates. It seems he is an android from what I can tell. The woman coming after me pretty much gives up her cause at this point, and doesn't try to directly confront me. She does still stalk me, hoping to get the stuff back some other way. It seems the android guy had a CD in his head, which ejected from his mouth when he de-activated. I knew this CD had the instructions on how to use the sonic screwdriver, but I didn't have a CD player to use it. So I'm sticking the CD in my own mouth part way, hoping that will work, but I'm like what am I doing? The only thing I'm doing is slobbering on the CD. I wake up while trying to think of ways to use the instruction CD for the sonic screwdriver.

      Crazy World-sonics.jpg
    7. The Church and the Storm

      by , 04-04-2015 at 12:54 PM
      There was a grand extravaganza with the heads of state and leaders of the church attending. I could tell it was more of a party and not an official function. There was some discussion between a few church leaders on how to bring about a revival and healing to people. It was decided by them some sort of traditional rite should be performed. The most prominent church leader then went through this rite, and to end it, it involved him pouring a goblet of wine into the sea. I could see him at the cliff edge, pouring it over ceremoniously into the pacific ocean. So where we were must have been eastern Russia. Anyway, as soon as he poured it all out, what was somewhat normal weather over the pacific ocean erupted into a huge storm. Clouds covered the whole expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the winds and waves roared to life. It was like God took offense to the rite being performed and judgment was now at hand. Everyone there were terrified at what was happening and those condoning the rite were shocked that the rite had exactly the wrong effect. It is weird in how I can see a impression of the whole Pacific in my dream and what is happening to it.

      Somehow I transitioned to a different place, I could tell it was England and I was near a grand cathedral. Well I wandered around the cathedral and also went to the balcony of it, looking out. The people there were also now gathered in masse, and some seemed to be praying against the coming evil. They started singing a beautiful song of praise to the Lord, and as they did, light shone through breaks in the clouds and beams of light lit up the area. It was all so majestic. I wandered around a bit more after the singing stopped. The light quit coming once they stopped singing. Not all were singing, only a few what seemed, random, people in the crowds. Everyone spirits lifted at the singing, but after it stopped, the crowd went back to being nervous and fearful at the coming storm. That's about where my dream ended.
    8. mmm, cheese

      by , 04-01-2015 at 01:37 PM
      Basically I was wandering around the first two floors of this building looking for food. Some people had ordered it and we were waiting for it to arrive. But the guys who ordered it disappeared on me, so I went exploring a bit. I figured they had gone out but would be back soon. It didn't take long but when I came back to the area we were first in, they still were not back, but I found the food in a room off to the side. I didn't know which sub sandwich was mine, but I was so hungry I was picking off toppings and eating them until some one could show up and say what was what. The pizza was all eaten, but a huge amount of melted cheese had slid off the pizza and they just left it. It tasted so good. I ended up waking up before anyone came back though.
      Tags: eating, food
    9. Flying must have impressed the crowd!

      by , 03-30-2015 at 02:32 PM
      It was funny in the dream that I found a ladder on a outside of a rock wall difficult to climb, but then remembered immediately after I got to the top that I could fly. Doh! So silly of me. Though I didn't launch off right away, I wanted to walk around a bit first. It was an outdoor café area of sorts, with tables & chairs, and it was mostly full here with DCs. There were also some large pots around big enough to grow small trees in, though nothing was planted in them yet. I stretched out my right hand towards one of them and pretended to erupt it on fire, and an energy beam came from it and shot up into the sky like a giant laser beam 5 foot in diameter. The beam stayed around for almost half a minute, although I only had to set off the initial burst. After it dissipated, the little jump into the air to fly gave me the familiar feel of satisfaction of doing it. Circling above the crowd in an arc half the size of a football field was enjoyable. I could tell they were all watching me. It would be fun to have some other people fly with me so I asked them, but I put the question to them in German rather than English. I'm only learning German yet, but I asked "Flieg mit mir?" Everyone there raised their hand eagerly wanting to fly, and I knew they understood what I said. I considered telekinetically levitating everyone briefly, but I figured having three people fly with me was better instead. I told them, "I can't take all of you, but I'll just pick three people."

      There was a table of three below, one of the ladies had caught my eye, so they were my target. Swooping near, I took the hands of the guy and gal, and told the other woman to grab on. She was trying to grab my right foot. I thought, "that is not going to work." I told her instead, "grab my shoulder, the shoulder." I could feel her hand switch from my right foot to my right shoulder, then I knew we were ready to go. Right away I could feel the mass difference, accelerating 3 people in flight was slower, but I did it. We lifted away from the café area and flew above the treetops. "Where do you guys want to go?", was my question. One woman said, "lets go see the Ouroboros ducks near the sea!" Pausing in thought she added, "they come down from Cuba around this time." She gave me enough information to give me a sense that we were flying somewhere over South America. The Amazon river was near and we followed it, flying above towards the ocean. Although it was thousands of miles, the trip seemed brief enough.

      When we got to the ocean I passed too close to the water surface and as our feet dragged the surface it sucked us in. It was icky water that grossed me out enough to wake me up. Well it was fun while it lasted. After waking up I decided that although I could fly with 3 people, I should just limit it to one because it cuts down on my maneuverability too much. Next time it might be fun just to levitate the entire crowd instead via telekenesis and see if I can do that.

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    10. Sex in the Hallway

      by , 03-02-2015 at 07:44 AM
      I found a good looking woman in a hallway I happened to be heading down. I decided to have sex with her, and finding her willing, I did so. At first I was a bit hesitant, because anyone could see us doing it here. It only took a second for me to realize that finding privacy in a dream is a hard thing to do, and ends up just wasting dream time. In other words, the DCs show up in the places you think are private anyway. There is a doorway next to us and I hear people in the room, so we back up a little ways out of line of sight through the doorway. That was just so we could feel a little more comfortable getting things started.

      We were about a minute into it when another woman walked by up ahead of us. She glanced to her right, looking at us for a second, then as she faced forward again she smiled as if she enjoyed seeing us engaged in sex. She was walking past on the adjoining hallway up ahead where our part of the hall ended in a T. The woman's approval of us made me feel powerful and even more sexually aroused. We were able to go all the way. When we were done and the dream faded out, I woke up.
      Tags: coitus, oral sex, sex
    11. A street of haunted houses

      by , 01-26-2015 at 04:15 PM
      I was driving down this street where most of the houses were decorated up for Halloween, even though it wasn't the time for Halloween. It seemed like the house owners were in competition with one another trying to make the best looking haunted house. The decorations were really good, and some houses had facelifts even, where the wall itself was re-crafted into scary looking designs. You could tell a lot of work was put into getting these houses looking this way.
    12. The Killer who resisted death

      by , 11-25-2014 at 02:13 PM
      There was this bad guy in my dream attacking people with a knife. He was going along the hallway in a building while he was doing this. As he approached me, I heard him say that he had a gun too, but wasn't using it yet. I didn't let him. Although I was unarmed, I reached behind me imagining that I would find a sword there. It was there as I felt my right hand grasp the hilt. In one motion, I drew it from behind, swinging it forward and thrusting. It went in deep into this guy. He wouldn't shut up though, he kept talking about how he couldn't die and all the things he was going to do yet.

      Its hard to describe but it got messy as he kept moving around and the sword I had in him kept cutting. But I held my fortitude even as it got gross looking. He did die after all, this dude was just tough and prolonged the inevitable. It seemed to take several minutes for him to go, and he talked about stuff he would do as if were in denial about being cut apart with a sword.

      Its nice to know I can always "form" a dream weapon at will to deal with threats in my dreams.

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    13. The Resistance - ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

      by , 11-06-2014 at 01:16 PM
      There were high speed rail lines in these giant tubes that linked cities together. They were built above the roads inside the cities and above bridges. Out in rural areas these tubes were just on the ground instead. I was given a birds eve view of the layout of this tube system as if I was hovering above and panning out. Now, I was on one of these trains and we had to stop them before they finished their system to rule over the land. This train was going fast too. The task I was given was to find a key symbol of theirs used as a passcode. It happened to be on the train. This symbol happened to be engraved on this tablet that was 3 foot tall by 2 foot wide and a few inches thick. Even though there were guards nearby, I managed to open a floor hatch. Then flipped the tablet over with my foot, causing it to go through the floor opening. I made a note of where I had kicked it out, near this overpass. I was pretty sure the guards were mad that I did this, but somehow I escaped from them before they got me.

      The dream scene changes, and now I'm with my team searching for the tablet in the area I had kicked it out. We had to be careful, they just happened to have security cameras next to the overpass. One of our team did find it, then we had to run since I think we were discovered by their security system.

      We met up at this old factory/warehouse where we found that some other of our team members had broken their computer code and had developed a virus to attack their computer system to take it down. Our virus was put on a music cd and smuggled to us so we could analyze it. It was chopped up and encoded into the blank areas between the music tracks. I watched as they de-ciphered the hidden chunks. Before we could go further, we had to cover our tracks we were there. I helped move these pallets of inventory around the factory to do so. As we finish up one of the ladies catches my eye and I was checking her out. The dream fades out though and ends.

      Though this dream was a non-lucid, it was pretty cool anyways. This dream turned out to be more exciting than what I could have come up with lucidly, lol. The timing of this dream happens to coincide with the annual Guy Fawkes "remember 5th of November" thing, weird.
    14. Driving a Carriage / The Phasing Game / Food

      by , 11-05-2014 at 01:45 PM
      Lucid Dream:

      I found this carriage somewhere that interested me. It couldn't move without a horse, since it was made of only wood. I was able to lucidly make the wheels move and get it to go down this dirt road. The road began to get rough spots in it that were steep enough to make the wheels slip, I had to grab at the road in front in order to force the carriage over the steep spot. Finally there was a steep hill that was too much to go up until a tractor came along. I held onto the back of the tractor as it pulled the carriage up the hill. Right before the top, the tractor got stuck too. I figured it would be alright to just let the tractor go, so I did. Things went bad though, the tractor lurched forward and crashed, messing up a front wheel. The carriage fell backwards, almost vertically it seemed and crashed too. I was able to stay put where I was, and as I looked down on the carriage I thought my sister was inside of it, although I didn't realize it until now. I thought my sister had died in the crash and I was so sad and upset that it woke me up.

      It was 1am something but it didn't take long for me to fall back to sleep.

      Dream 2

      There were these group of people who were having a party, and playing some sort of game. They were standing in the same spot, merging in & out, like they weren't quite in phase with each other. It was like a willpower fight for dominance of the spot they occupied. I stepped into the pile of phasing people to join in this game. It took about a minute, but as I dominated the spot, one by one people would "die" and when I was the only one left I won the game. The people weren't really dead, they were just counted as dead within the game. Since I won the game, my DCs let me continue to party with them. That only lasted a while because I got sidetracked with packing stuff in a car.

      Dream 3

      I was at this school where I found the food storage room. There was a jar of pickled bologna there so I took a big piece and started eating it. It tasted good and I just ate it as I walked around. For some reason I thought I needed to wash my hands so I went in to the restroom. It was weird to see that it was full, there were 20 guys in there using all the stalls & urinals. They were even sitting in the sinks, all but one sink. I ignored them as I used the only available sink to wash my hands. The paper towels were nice to wrap around the pickled bologna I still had. This was probably the most amount of times I have seen my hands in a dream yet it didn't make me go lucid.
    15. Reviving a dead guy & Riding the Wave

      by , 11-02-2014 at 02:37 PM
      When I woke up in the middle of the night I remembered this dream. I was back in school taking tests, after I had finished a test, I would move to another seat in the class where there was another test and I would do that test too. There were some other people there too, who I recognized as old classmates from highschool, doing the same thing. I was fine up until the last test when I ran out of time for class was over. The teacher let me finish it after class, but I wasn't able to finish it before the dream shifted.

      I was wandering around the school now, but the school had morphed into a different building now, not sure what, I just know it wasn't a school anymore. I ended up in a somewhat bigger room where people were gathering. The details get hazy, but there was some sort of commotion and this one guy pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the others. The guy in front of me was in between me & the shooter, he turns and runs toward me. As he does he gets shot in the back three times. The gunman is out of ammo at this point and some people restrain him. Just as I'm thinking the guy who got shot would be ok, he slumps down to the floor dead. I was trying to help this guy before he dies, and looking at the extent of his injuries. Now that he is dead I try to resuscitate him.

      My dream vision begins morphing at this point to where its like I have x-ray vision, but in a campy way. I can see the insides of people, although all my DCs now look dead, but I know its only the one guy in front of me who is really dead, not the others. I can see everyone's skeletons and their internal organs. Only their internal organs look campy representations of organs, like instead of real lungs, they look like balloons, etc. So the gross factor is really minimal. So I begin working on the dead guy who was shot, and I give him CPR. I'm pushing on his skeleton looking chest with my hands, I'm not really liking it but it has to be done. I know he is revived when I see his "balloon lungs" start breathing on their own. I'm glad that he is alive again, and to get my normal mode sight back again, my dream automatically morphs over into a different scene.

      Now I'm somewhere outside, but near the ocean. My previous efforts have made me become lucid now. My dream isn't quite stable, and my dream characters start to panic as weird weather appears and there might have been an earthquake too. Some of my DCs are saying it is the end of the world and it is God's judgement and stuff. Although I'm seeing it all happen, it doesn't phase me one bit. Instead I start hearing what sounds like the voice of God speaking to everyone, me too. I get an idea to get out of the area, so I say let there be a big wave I can ride. As if hearing me, a big wave appears in the ocean. I was somehow able to leap over onto it and surf it with my feet all the way across the ocean to what I thought was Europe. There isn't any end of the world stuff going on when the wave gives out on the shore and I step calmly off. The only odd thing was I couldn't sense any people around, at least there was no one outside. It was eerie feeling.

      I walked up to this church, "willing" for people to be inside. Once I opened the doors and went in, I did find people were inside. Even my cousin was there and it looked like I was back in a dream from earlier in the night although I don't remember the details of that earlier dream. It was as though the tidal wave had took me back into an earlier dream I had and I found that quite interesting.
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