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    08/05/03 Dream Song

    by , 04-05-2012 at 06:55 PM (309 Views)
    I had a dream I was listening to this band. I don't recall the lyrics but I liked the song. There was a female vocalist who was also playing the piano. A guy was playing a violin and another guy playing a bass with a violin bow as well. All I know is the band's name started with a 'C'. The song they were playing I'm sure was a song that hasn't been written before or sung in real life. However, I feel that they actually may be a real band, even though the song was imaginary. If the band does sound familiar, give the name of them. Remember I said the band name starts with a C.

    That was back in 2003, looking back from now though, I think the band was the Cruxshadows I was seeing in my dream, just not accurately. The Cruxshadows is one of my favorite bands now.

    www cruxshadows com/

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