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    09/03/04 The Eternity Sword

    by , 04-05-2012 at 06:36 PM (313 Views)
    I dreamed that there was this sword that was so powerfull that the user had to be carefull lest he injure or kill himself with it. Why? Because it not only cut up things in the present, but also in the past or future. There were gemstones on it that served as the time settings for the amount it went forward or back. Anyway, there was a book that told about the eternity sword as well, and instructions on its use. I had the book and was in this large room where the sword had been recently used by someone else. People had gathered there because of the commotion. I felt panic as I set the book on the table and seen its corner blister and swell as if the sword had hit it at that moment. The corner continued to swell then fall off, disentegrated. I realized that I could be hit next, depending on where the sword was swung in the past. So I moved over to a spot in the room where I hoped they didn't fight in. I tried to tell the other people what danger they were in. The woman on my right was then hit with the sword swing coming from the past. It sliced her head off and the blow contunued past hitting into my right shoulder a bit. Her neck blistered up & swole, before she died she let out this agonizing scream! My shoulder had a bit out of it but I was alright.

    Somehow I had to use the book to open a portal into the past where the actual user of the sword was to stop him. There were 2 openings into this room, the north hallway was for opening portals into the future, the south hall was for opening portals into the past. In the middle of the room was a low circular platform made out of stone. It had stone steps circling it. It was from this point I somehow managed to open the past portal. I remember standing before the shimmering light coming from the round portal before I woke up.

    I woke up being spooked and it was only 4am. I layed in bed for the longest not being able to sleep.

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