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    10/05/03 My true love

    by , 04-05-2012 at 06:44 PM (532 Views)
    There was a large group of people leaving the cliff top and going to the other side of the valley. The cliffs curved in a U shape, the people were going down the right side of the cliffs at the top of the U. There was a natural embankment there. I was left watching them from the farthest point of the cliffs. There was a few others around me still though. In fact, someone was trying to decend the cliff near us using a harness and a cable. But the cable got hung up in telephone pole wires. So, she couldn't get down any further and was stuck hanging there.

    I was able to grab the cable she was using, got some slack in it, and proceded to feed it through the other wires that it was caught on. I thought that they were electrical wires, but I didn't get zapped so I kept on doing it. When she was safely on the ground I joined her. We were walking together, I had one arm around her, and she had her arm around me. It was so nice. Then we stopped and looked at each other, and I kissed her. I realized that we shared true love, and she knew it too. It was so real it actually hurt when I awoke and realized it was a dream. I felt heartbroken for many days.

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