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    1987 - Super Strength

    by , 04-06-2012 at 01:04 AM (394 Views)
    When I was around 16, I know one of my first real lucid dreams was where I walked out on the road and waited for cars to come by. The first one came, I grabed it like superman and stopped it. It got crunched up in the process but I wasn't hurt. I proceeded doing this with several more cars until I was satisfied. There was a pile of automoblies in the road and other cars were stopped in both directions, not able to get by. My dream took place near my parents house out in the country. By gaining my super strength ability, it also made me gain my dream invulnerability. That is like a resistance to being hurt and killed in my dreams. I still feel pain of wounds, but greatly decreased almost like an awareness of being hurt instead of actual pain.

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