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    1990s Incredible song

    by , 04-05-2012 at 08:51 PM (525 Views)
    I am a woman in my dreams, though I don't know how that happened exactly. Looking down I could see that I had breasts, they were clothed. My self image was that I was beautiful. I was in this place where bands play, not a bar, but someplace with class. As I listen to the band play I can tell that they are supposed to be Siouxsie & the Banshees, and I am their singer. I guess I'm filling in for Siouxsie, though I'm not her. So I pick up the mic and start singing. OMG my female voice was so beautiful and haunting I could just die. I couldn't tell what song I was singing but as the band played the lyrics just came into my head and I kept singing. I don't even think that this was even a real song that has ever been made. I lucidly kept pushing the limits of my voice, as I heard what I was singing I thought my brain would explode. It sounded like this song filled every corner of my brain. When I woke up the melody was still going thru my head. I felt like I was high on drugs, although I haven't done any illegal drugs in real life.

    Although I did remember some of the lyrics, it was only fragments. If I find where I written them down though I'll include them here. My dream singing voice sounded better than Siouxsie's voice. The song I was singing most closely matches the style of the songs I will list:

    Dazzle from the album: Hyaena
    Ornaments of Gold and The Last Beat of my Heart from the album: Peepshow
    Shadowtime from the album: Superstition
    The Sweetest Chill and This Unrest from the album: Tinderbox
    The Rapture and Fall from Grace from the album: The Rapture

    My voice sounded more like either Faith & the muse on this song: In the Amber Room
    Or Delerium feat Emily Haines: Stopwatch Hearts
    Though they still don't pin it, just a close aproximation.

    Editing add: I'm pretty sure I caught my reflection in one of the double glass doors that were partially open. They led to another room that was behind the stage area.

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