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    1993 - Football Stadium

    by , 04-20-2012 at 12:28 AM (320 Views)
    I was in a massive football stadium with a few girls. We were going inside and started climbing the stairs but they were too steep and giant like for the girls to climb. So Marne grabs my butt to hang on and Amie grabs my leg as I'm trying to make my way up these giant steps. Its like I'm hauling the girls up with me. As we get to a particularly large step, I grab Marne from my posterior and swing her around up onto the step. I do the same for Amie, but almost lose my balance in the process. We turn and head into the row of seats. There is some confusion as to where we are supposed to sit. Even though the stadium is crowded with people, we climb back down over several rows of seats. We stop there briefly, then we move over along the row and climb back up over the seats again. This time Marne was in front of me, her butt in my face. I grab her back pocket to give myself and her stability, among other reasons.

    Finally we reach some empty seats where we can sit down. Marne seems into me, so I put my arm around her. Then she puts her left leg over my right leg and leans in towards me. Although she is eating a sandwitch at this point, I give her a kiss. She ends up giving me some of her sandwitch.

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