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    The Alien Battle

    by , 04-23-2012 at 01:07 PM (384 Views)
    I was aboard an alien spacecraft traveling through space. It was perhaps as big as the saucer section of the enterprise in Star Trek:TNG. I was avoiding the aliens on board, although they were humanoid, they were not human at all in appearance. They looked aquadic like, as if evolved from some kind of sea creature. Anyway I could tell they were about to dock with what looked like a huge space station. The docking procedure itself was a complicated manuver that was more of like a form of art. As the ship entered the opening to the space station, it banked hard to the right while the ship rotated to the right as well. We make almost a full circle and lock into the left side of the wall that is to the right of the opening for the space station. It is comparable to an ice skater making a circle on the ice but ending up several feet to the left of where she started the circle.

    Somehow I'm able to elude detection long enough so that the space marines arrive and start attacking the aliens on the space station. The space marines are normal humans, and I am now an officer in command of a squad. We are sweeping the halls and rooms taking out the aliens. I know I kill one alien with my issued officers pistol. My pistol seems very inaccurate, out of 10 shots only one goes straight it seems. What is strange is I can see the paths of all the bullets being fired. The marines are carrying full auto machine guns, all I got is this lousy pistol. Looking at my pistol, I see the barrel of it is only 3 inches long, no wonder nothing will go straight. We enter this one room, and two aliens are behind what looks like a distortion field. We have to shoot through this field at the aliens. The field alters the trajectory of the bullets, but after a few shots I am able to compensate and nail an alien in the head. He goes down. A marine on the other side of the room manages to take down another. The aliens are dead but they have left behind an explosive device. I shoot at the device and hit it, but it doesn't go off. Instead it falls apart with pieces falling to the floor. That is just as well as we didn't want to cross the distortion barrier for some reason.
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    1. GoldenLight's Avatar
      Semper Fi ... even in Space! Sounds like a FUN dream.
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