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    Bank Robbery WILD

    by , 04-17-2012 at 01:22 PM (406 Views)
    I woke up enough to hit the snooze button, then fell back to sleep while thinking of being bulletproof. I went right into a dream where I was imagining my clothes were bulletproof. Temporarily I went into a 3rd person view and it was like a test scenario where 3 bullets hitting my shirt could not penetrate it. It seemed like my clothes would be effective if I happend to get shot by someone. As I enter first person view, I notice that the dream scenery is a bank setting. The natural instinct is to rob the place of course, why else would I be here? There are several tellers behind their bullet proof glass. I head to the nearest one. He asks "can I help you?" I say "shut up and give me all the money. And don't hit the button." The idiots eyes go wide and he is just standing there just pressing the button, I could tell. He thinks he is safe behind there. Jumping up, I kick the pane of bullet proof glass out of its moorings. It flies over his head and hits the wall behind him. It missed him, so I ended up choking him while telling the next teller who was a woman to not be stupid and just get the money out. She just stands there, while pressing the alarm. Just keep pressing the alarm, it doesn't really matter, I'm thinking. I'd have a few minutes to get ready for any cops who showed up to shoot at me. At this point I'm unarmed, but I start out by imagining I'm wearing a tool belt. Reaching down I grab a hammer from the right side of the belt, and take out the other 2 tellers with it.

    As I was heading into the back room where the vault was, mummys start appearing. Thinking nothing of it, I start killing them with my hammer. There was about 10 dead mummys before I awoke. There seemed to be an unending supply of them, for as I killed one, another would come through the door.

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