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    Callers of the Owls

    by , 05-07-2013 at 03:12 PM (409 Views)
    It seems I'm with a group of students at some type of specialized school. The class is held outdoors where a teacher tells them to move forward and use their bird control powers. I'm there with the group so I follow. Suddenly a group of owls appears and they are just hovering over a single spot in a field not too far away. The students focus on calling to one of the owls and they try different gestures and poses. Only 15 seconds later, all but one owl has flown to one of the students and has landed on him or her. There was only this one guy to my left who didn't get an owl to come yet. Since he was taking so long, the solitary owl got distracted by a group of sparrows and went after one. The owl caught the sparrow and went to land in a tree.

    Soon, an eagle joined the fray. It swooped in suddenly from above, trapping both the owl and the group of sparrows in the trees. It wanted to get its claws on anything it could eat. All the while my DCs were narrating for me what was going on by talking to one another and making comments. Some like "I hope the owl is alright", or "Oh look it is going after that group of sparrows". Now everyone was trying to make the eagle go away by yelling at it. The eagle flew up, but then came back down closer to us. It seemed to not look so much like an eagle now, but a deformed dog with huge wings. It was really ugly to look at, and then another one showed up. The pair seemed to harass the group for a few minutes, landing and stomping about near us, then flying overhead again.

    The eagle-dog creatures had large muscular back legs, and really short stubby front legs. They only squatted on their hindquarters when landing on the ground, with their front legs looking like mini-arms. It is sort of how a T-Rex would look, but with a dog. Finally these things flew off for good. The owl came out of the trees and the guy summoned him this time much easier.

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