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    College Cafeteria

    by , 05-13-2012 at 09:03 AM (466 Views)
    I was back in my college days in my dormitory. It was Sy-Phi hall. That was pretty cool, some of the dream is vague but I'm going from my room to the food court. I'm walking down the side stairs, there was a set of stairs on the opposite side of the entrance room as well. The door opposite the entrance is the entry to the food court. I head in. As I'm wandering around with my tray gathering food, I notice it is much larger than in real life, like 10 times bigger. Most of it is unusually dark as well, the lighting isn't right. I hit three different food buffet areas, and my plate is piled high. I'm wondering how I'm going to eat this all. Now I'm looking for a place to sit, most of the tables are full, but I see many DCs who look familiar. I even see Ann walk past me, an old not-girlfriend. I keep wandering a bit, ending up in the back corner to the right where it seems a bit dark. I can't believe how many people are in here, but I grab an empty chair at a round table where there are only 3 DCs at. I ate about a third of the food on my plate, mainly the pasta and salad. They had some really good looking chocolate desserts there, and although I got one, I wanted to sample some more. I should have made a RC here because of the dark (and because of Ann), but failed. I did make a choice to lift my glasses, and found out why the room seemed so dark, I had sunglasses on!

    A scene change interrupted my eating, although I was still walking around with my tray. The room disappeared and I was outside now, although some tables still lingered. Many displaced DCs were heading off somewhere now. I found another place to sit and was going to eat some more, but something was happening where I had to get up again. Leaving my tray there, I made my way over to gate in a fence. It had chains on it but they were loose and people could get through. This one gal caught my eye, she was pretty and had wide hips. I thought she wasn't going to be able to squeeze through the narrow gate, but she was able to.

    Although I didn't go fully lucid, I grabed her and started stretching her hips so that they were even wider. I was manipulating the body of a DC in my dream. Her hips were over two feet wide now and I figured that was about as far as they could go. I had the feeling she liked what I was doing to her, even though I don't remember if she said anything to me yet. It felt sexual in nature, what I was doing to her by stretching her body. It felt natural to continue, so I put my hand down her pants and felt her up. At this time, I definately remember her moaning with pleasure.
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