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    The Dragons Flew

    by , 04-26-2012 at 03:43 PM (711 Views)
    It starts out with some DC recruiting me for a job to do dealing with computers and electronics. At first I was reluctant to do it, but then I noticed this was no ordinary place. I was actually on board the starship Enterprise, TNG. It seems my job was to re-calibrate the medical computer and re-program it so that it would work better and faster. It was so cool, it looked just like the blue backlit computer computer boards in an episode of the show. As I kept working on the computer, I actually became a medical/computer technician with a blue uniform. I had to re-route the computer resources for the enterprise, somehow the main computer was over-using the medical computer for its own purposes, and causing the medical computer to slow down for the tasks we needed to run on it. It was complicated but somehow I knew what I was doing and suceeded at my task. Once I was finished with the computer, it seemed there were some medical tasks that I was able to assist with. Experimentation related though, not treating patients.

    I'm not sure how the dream transitioned to this exactly, but next I was in the sky flying on the back of a dragon. There were actually hundreds of dragons flying in the sky. There were different color dragons of various sizes, but the one I rode was very large and iridescencant. The dragon I was on had scales that looked a different color depending on how the angle of light reflected off the scales. I had a telepathic link with my dragon and willed it to go where I wished. We were zooming through the clouds and playing with the other dragons by doing ariel acrobatics with them. I sensed my dragon wanted to show me something, so I told him to go ahead with my mind. He became invisible! The only bad thing is the effect didn't transfer to me. After a while of flying, he turned back visible again and I suggested we fly closer to the ground. My dragon "told" me that he didn't like flying that low since he was so big, and suggested I transfer to on of the "baby" dragons if I wanted to fly lower. So I did, when we passed a small dragon I jumped off and managed to land on him. He was a black dragon, but showed me he could go invisible as well. As we flew closer to the ground, I noticed some people in the back of a truck. With my invisible dragon, we flew over their heads and matched speed with the truck. Some idiot kid picked up an apple and threw it at me, but it hit the underside of my invisible dragon. That took him off guard, and he seemed to be frightened. My dragon didn't care, he probably didn't even feel it hit him.

    My dream transitions again and I'm in my grandparents' house trying to find some breakfast. There aren't any clean bowls, but I grab one and start scrubing it under hot running water in the sink with a washcloth. I start imagining foods and they start appearing around me. There is chocolate cake and white cake nearby. I leave the bowl sit under the running water and almost eat the cake, it looks so yummy. I just want to grab a handfull and cram it into my mouth but I don't yet. I will more exotic foods into existance around the corner in a pantry area. I go into the pantry, and to the side is a refrigerated display case with unusual meats and fruits. I sample a varitey of stuff and it all has very different tastes. Some of the fruit looks like papaya or kuiwi, but it has a taste so unusual that my brain doesn't even know how to process what it tastes like.

    My dream reminds me of a book I seen before in the image below.

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